Playable Nintendo Wii 2 (Stream) at E3 2011: Confirmed

By Peter Chubb - Apr 25, 2011

We already knew that Nintendo were working on a new games console, but we now have official confirmation and that there will be a playable Nintendo Wii 2 (Stream) at E3 2011. The new system is not expected to launch until sometime in 2012, but this will be the first time that the public will get a glimpse of it.

Nintendo felt compelled to do what Apple does, and offer details on sales figures, and 86.01 million units is certainly something to be proud of. As yet nothing is really known about the new console, but the Japanese company will share more details with consumers during the E3 Expo in June.

We are still uncertain as to what the new video games console will be called; some say it will just be the Wii 2, while others believe that it will be called Stream. Whatever it is, Nintendo need to come up with something special – especially as the Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 both have motion controller systems now with Kinect and Move.

SlashGear expects that the new Wii will come with new wireless controllers with touchsreen displays – very nice – and also HD support. We also have reason to believe that Nintendo could make the new Wii 2 more powerful than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation, but that would go away from the core of what the current Wii console is. However, they do need to do something special, as times have now changed for them.

What are your expectation for the Nintendo Wii 2?

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  • joker gallagher

    *needs 3D (optional)
    *2 kinds of controllers the old wii style (but newer, and still backwards compatible) and this new controller with a touch screen. their are so meany ideas i have for this new controller, and for what kind of games it can make better, like multiplayer on FPS, and new kinds of maps or touch menu's in RPG's
    * over hall on things like graphics, kind of games offered (more core gamer games) more social gaming, like having leader boards and freinds, even things like video chat and e-mail
    * more media options like movies and music, netflix, youtube…..
    * better web browser (one u can use during game play to look up codes or hints)
    * a kinect like option for controller free use
    * a hard drive option AFTER u buy the system, as in the system has a set amount of memory but u can upgrade further to the hard drive you want, or get a second one IF you need it, and keep old games coming through an e-store so u can still get old games. or cheep downlaod games for the system.
    * clealry the new controller and names like cafe and stream having something to do with social gaming, BUT i still wonder if Nintendo has more magic up their sleeve to anounce and that is something im realy waiting for.
    or even more about the controller that we dont know.

    • rdceltic

      Im sorry but most of the stuff you have listed here has already been done my Sony or Microsoft! I mean seriously, "more media options like movies and music", why dont you just buy a PS3, it has media options! And "better web browser (one you can use during gameplay to look up codes or hints)", are you 8 years old and can't beat a game by yourself? And then you state that it needs an "over hall on things like graphics, kind of games offered"!! The Wii was console for the family and not specially built for hardcore gamers, again if you want hardcore games that you will spend about 50 hours of your life on then go and buy a PS3 or XBOX 360! Nintendo are more suited for building things for a family, I am pretty sure they will not start changing that whole regime just to be like Sony or Microsoft, they will build family orientated games! I admit that better graphics would be nice but it isn't and essential.