Nook Color April Update v1.2 Live: Download With Android 2.2 (Froyo)

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 25, 2011

Towards the end of March we posted details of the Nook Color update for April, and we can now confirm that the Nook Color v1.2 download went live today, which features Android 2.2 (Froyo), enhanced NOOK Books, a new app store, and Adobe Flash Player.

Barnes & Noble will make the upgrade live over Wi-Fi next week, but for now you can download manually if you wish via this link. The new app store includes a few improvements; one is an email app that will help you organize web mail. You will find 125 new apps in the store, and its reported that over 5,000 Android developers are building apps.

Those that cannot wait for the Wi-Fi upgrade can read manual download instructions in this article, which takes you through the simple process of updating your Nook Color to version 1.2.

It’s the view of Barnes & Noble that they have the best value for money tablet, which is much cheaper than Apple’s iPad 2. Would you agree?

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  • TJM

    Both of my Nook Colors started working correctly after Erasing and Deregistering the device and then starting it back up from scratch.

  • Lis

    Just got off the phone with tech support….they are aware of problem but offer no solution at this time. Said to give them 24 to 72 hours to resolve issue. I downloaded update on Monday and today while reading received message that there was an authorization problem and the Nook was shutting down. In restart could get no further than the screen to register and received error message re wifi……

  • EJR

    Same thing happened to me some older routers are deny the nook access. You can either get a newer router or change the mac address' aloud on your current router

  • S. in Idaho

    Everything was running fine with the new update and then all of a sudden it reset without being prompted. As I tried to log back on it continues to reset…..on hold now for tech support! I'm sure everyone is dealing with this issue. A bit aggravated!!!

  • TJM

    You are not the only person with this problem The new Nook 1.2 package completely crashes my home wireless router. The router has to be rebooted for any of my other devices to work.

  • Jonathan

    I just downloaded the update and it has a major problem. My Nook is continuously trying to connect to wi-fi and then immediately disconnecting, which is causing my whole wi-fi network to run intermittently. When I turn the Nook wi-fi off, the rest of the network is fine. I tried calling B&N tech support, but they are unusually busy, so I'm guessing I'm not the only one with this problem. If you haven't downloaded the update yet, I would hold off and wait until this issue is resolved.