Nintendo Wii 2: Screen Stream Co-Op Gameplay Details

By Alan Ng - Apr 25, 2011

We have yet more leaked details on the Nintendo Wii 2 to bring you now, and again it’s pretty revealing. We have now learned that Nintendo’s next console will feature something known as ‘Screen Stream’ technology which is specifically related to the touchscreen controllers that will be included with the console.

The details have surfaced from Slashgear, who have uploaded a few new images apparently of the Wii 2 which has been provided by a forum member over at Neogaf. It has been discovered that the Wii 2, also known as ‘Project Cafe’ will allow gamers to switch their gameplay from the TV screen, straight into the included touchscreen on the controller – opening up a vast array of exciting possibilities for co-op gameplay.

For example, picture a four player split-screen co-op game of Call of Duty. One of the players decides he needs to go to the toilet and decides to take the action (providing Nintendo include Bluetooth of course) with him on the touchscreen controller. Nintendo’s ‘Screen Stream’ technology will apparently also allow gamers to take complete control of their screen on the controller, so you’ll be able to do things like pause the game individually and change your inventory/items etc without bothering the other three gamers playing with you.

It sounds like a fantastic idea and one which we really hope turns into a reality. Don’t forget that these touchscreens will be 1080p supported so the experience on this portable screen won’t be downgraded from what you see on the TV – if anything, you may find it more enjoyable playing on a smaller screen in front of you.

What are your thoughts and ideas behind this new Screen Stream technology – are you loving the idea?

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  • Per

    Isn't the most obvious use of a personal screen that the games can give every player personal/hidden information which allows completely new game mechanics. To take a very basic example you could suddenly play Poker with your friends! Think about it a bit…

  • Norwich Retro Gaming

    I really can't wait to see what Nintendo have to say about this at E3, I am not sure if I am more excited about this or the next line up of games for the 3DS!