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iPhone Tracker App: Visual Review and Scaremongering

For those who do not know about the iPhone tracker app, we thought we would offer you a visual review and talk of scaremongering. A few days ago we learned that Apple were still watching you, and there are those blogs that would have you believe that there is more to this than meets the eye. Really there is nothing to worry about, or is there?

Developer Pete Warden has managed to do a few cool things with the iPhone Tracker App, it is very easy to try yourself. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you will be able to view a visualized map of the places that you have been – or your iPhone to be precise.

You can clearly see this in action in the video, which we have embedded for you below. As you would expect, some iPhone owners were freaked out by this discovery. If a person was able to get hold of your handset, they would be able to see where you had been, but how much should we worry?

There is nothing better than a bit of scaremongering to stir things up a little. Yes these apps store information of most places where you and your phone has been, but times and specific places are not stored. Apple was up-front about this data from the start, so how come we are still worrying about it now?

Do you think we have anything to worry about, or is this just scaremongering?



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