Car Wash Gone Wrong: Best Videos Online

We all know that most car washes are over in a matter of minutes, but have you ever wondered or experienced a time when a car wash has gone wrong? We have found a selection of videos online for you to take a look at, showing a few examples.

A few of the videos are actually pretty humorous, and videos which we’re sure you’ll have one or two laughs about, but some videos are actually pretty serious. One example which we won’t include below is when another video smashes into a car that’s being washed, sending one of the staff members flying – search it online for yourself if you don’t believe us.

One video which is more on the funny side though, is a prank in which one guy decides to unwind his window whilst going through the car wash. To his horror, he is unable to wind the window back up, and the resulting footage is pretty hilarious as he gets drenched in water with the various cleaning tools.

Another great video we’ve found relates to those guys that insist on washing your car whilst you’re stopping at a traffic light, only this time the driver has a treat in store for the washer.

One final video we’ve chosen shows the crazy decision that one driver makes when he chooses to open his car door in the middle of a car wash to adjust his wind screen wiper – what a silly thing to do.

Do you have any car wash stories that have gone wrong to tell us about?



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