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New iOS 5.0 Rumors Squashed, White iPhone 4 With Jailbreak

Earlier this week we showed you some videos that apparently unveiled the White iPhone 4, which had iOS 5 running, or that’s what it seemed to be. Now it looks like bloggers and iPhone users are squashing these new iOS 5.0 rumors.

You can see the two videos in this post here, which were made in Vietnam. One of the videos seems to show a new style of multitasking that is not standard for iOS 4, although we’ve received feedback from our readers that some features shown are possible on an iPhone 4 jailbreak.

One reader said that Multifl0w is used to multi-talk, and that was used in the video on an iPhone 4 with a white faceplate. The videos do look impressive, but we can confirm some of the features are possible on a jailbroken iPhone.

Some people thought this could be a White iPhone 5, although earlier Apple rumors point to the 5th generation iPhone not having the GB capacity on the back. We’re likely to never know how official many leaked videos are, with most being made by Apple fans, but with the recent news of a white iPhone 4 getting sold early in the UK, anything is possible.

If you have not seen the videos, check out the previous article and let us know if you agree that the device is just a jailbroken iPhone 4.



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