Additional PSN Security After PlayStation Network Down

By Gary Johnson - Apr 24, 2011

PlayStation 3 owners continue to be frustrated with the PlayStation Network down time that is now going past four days. Up to recently Sony has not been updating the situation with what’s going on and how much longer it will remain offline. But now we can tell you that Sony are adding additional security after the PSN down time.

Sony have posted on their Official Blog and apologized about the services being suspended. They have said that they are totally rebuilding the system and ”decided it was worth the time necessary to provide the system with additional security”.

They go and thank users for their patience and will post more updates when they become available. Many of you have been commenting on PRs pages with your continued annoyance and frustration concerning the outage. One of the biggest complaints is the lack of up to date information from Sony.

We have recently asked you if you would consider paying for a more secure PlayStation Network, and the majority of you who have taken part in the poll have said no. When PSN first went down Sony said it would be only for a “day or two”. We also asked you what else you may be doing while PSN is down.

What do you make of this latest update from Sony?

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  • luke

    people called fbi in america are going to places to find the people

  • RoCK__711

    hi iam so pissed of sony am srry but please fix it fast because my childeren are crying 🙂

  • Anger

    We should be grateful? For what, the fact that they've taken 10 days to warn you that your savings are at risk, your emails, your identity, are all at risk because Sony would rather try to save face than tell you immediately (as required by law (and by any company that knows what customer service is)) that they fucked up and you need to change your info.


    • paul

      10???? I didnt get my email till yesterday!


    thats my online name when every bodey gets online poot that in as a firend go kingsway drangons pease you guys are alsome.

  • Matt

    we should be greatful that sony have shut the old network down and producing a new one and we should be patient and stop pressurising sony into making it faster so there might be problems on the new one..

  • xsqqueezme

    I'm just so angry period. first i buy this stupid thing because IT JUST DOES EVERYTHING. And it doesn't. It doesn't play ps2 games, it doesn't play ps1 games. all of the money on previous sony product WASTED. now the freakin network goes down. that sucks no games and stuff. but i can freakin browse the internet so why the HELL can't i watch NETFLIX movies ? when it first went down i was able to continue on thru but now i can't so it would seem they FIXED MY BEING ABLE TO CLICK ON THRU, so now i can do nothing? what about individual software downloaded via internet to get it working again ? WAIT WHAT'S THAT… HMMM SOUNDS LIKE HELL NO SCREW YOU THICK PS3 OWNER, maybe now you "UPGRADE" to the new thin machine that can login ? well SCREW YOU SONY, every day i'm inconvenienced is one more painful memory when i come to purchase another piece of crap sell out SONY product. I hope your whole stinkin rathole country rots in RADIATION you short ass pedophile bastards.


    It's truly unfortunate what is going on with sony, and I hope the issue gets resolved in a timely manner. ( Well never mind timely, we are beyond that). Regardless of what's going on, I have been a sony fan ever since the ps1 first came out. And I have been a dedicated fan ever since. But it's not that, that makes me a truly dedicated fan, it's at times like these that sony rarely screws up that makes me a true fan. So for all you inpatient clowns out there who call themselves fans of sony, either stop bitching and move on to another video game console, or stand by sony like a true dedicated fan!

  • Tired of PS Greed

    I have a large collection of Imported movies, but since the PS3 has decided to enforce region code A.B.and C, the last one I purchased was Amelie…trid to get the import of Oldboy on DVD, but the jerks region coded it and I was lucky that Amazon refunded it because they too thought it was bs that they had started the region codes. PSN is free, but that is how they make their money. We by downloads (I got all the Warhawk and LBP updates). I also got several others. NOw I can't purchase updates or play games. Turns out Sony is so greedy they punish everyone to try and get people to hate the hackers, and to find a new way toensure they can keep a monopoly on us. Well glad to say I have stopped purchasing blurays because I am tired of playing these stupid games. A jail break would have allowed consumers to purchase legal Blurays of movies from other countries before the US producers get ahold of them, cut them down, edit them, add bad subs or dubs, and poor quality.

    • xsqqueezme

      Exactly right, in the INFORMATION AGE, they make financial profit by limiting the exchange of information or entertainment either way. they should put a bullet in the face of the highest executive and start working their way down every day until it's corrected or until there is no longer a problem/company. it's well time that millions of people quit letting thousands of people hold them hostage just so the thousands can have their dumb ass children drive porsches to freaking 10th grade. we should all be more AMERICAN, demand what we think is right and start killing them until they agree, just like we've always done.

  • Tired of PS greed

    To all those blaming hackers as pirates and cheats you are wrong. I have owned 3 modded systems. I have purchased thousnads of dollars of games. I purchased modded systems to play legal games from other countries that the system makers are too cheap and stingy to release in other countries. Otostaz is a great game3, I will by a modded PS3 the second one is released so I can play my purchased version (that comes in english BTW…! Why not just release it here?????).

  • TOM

    i will unleash 1000 hippos on the culprit

  • jim


  • jenn

    i here its should be back on by tuesday or late next week

  • PTQ

    why should people pay extra fees to ply online? "that is nonsense i tell you" the system and game itself are costly… additional fees will drive consumer away and the ones left behind will suffer and even pay more fees.
    Dear PSN kindly do your job and give poeple the entertainment they paid for. addition fees won't fees the problem but make your pocket FAT, enough of politician tricks

  • mike

    Liar its not up.

  • mike

    there is no such thing as a free network. Sony makes plenty of money from this 'free' network. if it didn't, it wouldn't be part of their business model, as they're not a charity organization.

    we pay plenty for the games, and some of those have a 'subscription' on top of that. they make further money through advertising deals and partnerships with netflix and others. don't buy into the marketing spin by Sony that this is, or ever was, 'free'.

    they need to get this fixed and reimburse people that do pay for their down time or at the minimum extend their subscriptions for however long the network is down. I don't care what it is, this is money people have spend for service that they are not getting so Sony should step up and simply do it as opposed to having some blood sucking lawyer make millions from a class-action, which will certainly follow if there is no plan to reimburse.

    if they make a move to use this as an excuse to charge further fees I'm done with them. 15 bucks a month per game to play the games I do play is already too much, so they've reached the limit in my case, and I'm sure with many others.

  • agrrr

    Yess finaly psn is working now. waited so long to play black ops.

  • paul

    I think Im going to sell my ps3 and go back to xbox…. I am usually patient, but this is just a little to much and from the sounds of things its not going to stop….
    as far as paying for a more secure network… Hell NO! thats why I switched to ps3 in the first place, cause I couldnt stand having to pay to play my games online. Im sorry but Sony and microsoft can afford to develop a secure network without charging for it. They make a killing anyway.

  • patricia rogers nash

    like so many people out there i have a special needs son who relies on playstation network and online gaming for socialising.. it is very hard to get him to understand that there isnt anymore information on the subject. and playstation are out of order for not keeping people updated. like all the young mums i know how they feel not a good time for playstation to be down hacker or not. more consideration should have been given at least facebook and other sites give you updates on game maintenance. playstation should pull there fingers out and look after there customers. this is not good customer service.

  • mog

    i find it deeply inconsiderate of sony to have provided so little information as to the nature of the problem and what steps are being taken to rectify the issue. a company as big as sony and a network as big as psn must have built in redundancy and backup hardware, so the proportion of the attack must have been epic to bring the whole shooting match down.
    Q. have our personal details been exposed
    Q. in technical terms, what is the delay?
    Q. did the hack nececitate the downing of the whole network, or was the hack lower level, but offering an opportunity to justfy the down time.

    i'm sure its a bit sad to want to spend bank holiday on cod, but lots of us wanted to do that.

    Q. SONY, why, on friday – did you not anounce 'sorry everyone, but forget it until tueday' as opposed to, 24 – 48 hrs down.

  • SoonToBeEx-PS3Owner

    Useless info from a useless company, their name is dirt in the TV industry with their rebadged TVs and it looks like I probably won't be purchasing a ps4 when said time arrives either, since customers paying hundreds upon hundreds of £'s/$'s/€'s for their products apparently don't deserve to be kept up to date

    Also, Ddos'ing is not hacking, if anything it is closer to script-kiddying than anything else.

  • Saq

    Dont even mention 'would you consider paying for psn' – Its almost like your trying to give sony idea's… Funny how all good things come to an end, wouldent surprise me if they make PS Home subscription soon… If they do im selling my PS3, im tired of getting ripped off.

  • thamer

    guys im sorry for delaying im going to fix that now just wait for 30 seconds
    thanks for waiting

  • a person

    This is sooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHH. I have to go back to boarding school tomorrow and I just wanna play some COD. This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 007

    Wake-up people, the people who hacked PSN are the cheaters!!! They hack the PS3 and its called blackbox, then they pass it out or sell it to anyone who cant play well so they have to cheat. I too play until the cheaters arrive! If you think by paying for PSN will make it better you would be wrong there as well. XBOX people pay and its full of cheaters, even more than PSN now.

  • mizz

    Its is now day 5 the network has been down & they said it should only be down a day or two. Most likely it won't be up and running for another few days. Its sooooo frustrating.

  • Alex Mangoyan

    This is absolutly rediculous from a very successful multi billion dollar company. The fact that their being shady & lying to their customers (us playstation 3 users) about what caused the network to go down and then to release one of their very few updating statements stating "the playstation network may be down for a day or two," well today is day 5 and I don't anticipate it to be up in the next coming days. Also, I am not buying playstations latest statement saying "we are adding additional security to the network & rebuilding it from the ground up." Sony is flat out just getting their asses handed to them by some hacker. If a hacker can break into a multi billion dollar company's security firewalls, it makes me question my own security & the security of the millions of playstation users. Its almost 5 god damn days! Get your stuff together sony. The is utterly rediculous & I expected much more from sony. XBOX is absolutly flawless; of course xbox is flawless, just look at its creators. I wish I liked xbox because I would have quit using playstation 3 and dealing with all of sony's lies & all they're maintanace issue a while ago.

  • Fonzi

    Thats not true. The hackers were using their mods to cheat in games. A few games became almost unbearable to play. Its not like they were minding their own business. They were not.

  • Blake

    There is this magical thing called outside! i myself im a diehard sony fan, and addicted as everyone else. Sure i miss my gaming, im bored but guys stop asking when! if they knew when they would tell you, go outside and in a day or 2 come back and check. the world isnt ending i promise

  • drew

    lol @ all the ppl who aint got better things to do than play online…. moan moan moan what do you exspect for nothing… find something else to do.

    • xsqqueezme

      Drew is a bought and paid for idiot also.. Hey DREW is it really true that your government knows whats best for you and that we should all just do whatever they tell us to do ? YOU POOR SAP


    well first of all tell us when this is going to end second i dnt understand why they would do it on a weekend third more information about wen it will be up would be wonderful 4th idc about the security i jst wanna play cod black ops ! i wanna level up. u lied and said it was 2-3 days and now here we are on the 4th day thts double wht u said b4 and if u event dare start trying to make us pay for online then fuck SONY im switching to XBOX idc i love my ps3 way more then xbox but i jst cant stand all this shit that is going on.

  • Brian

    I am having Black Ops withdrawls…

  • Johnny

    While reading through all the comments, I have noticed the amount of people with absolutely no lives. All they have to look forward to is playing COD or some other game. How about you go outside, hang out with friends, or build something. If the PSN runs your life, you should be ashamed.

    • xsqqueezme

      Johnny why don't you come over and mow my yard … ? Ignorant IDIOT these people payed good money for a product and own it. if they want to mod it and violate their warranty so be it. Thats exactly how they do it they just keep taking and taking and taking. example. whiney crybaby gas stations pout cause people can drive off and steal their gas so they LOBBY government to let them put in and use video recording equipment. yeah they won … don't you still have to freakin walk inside and give them money first ? Even though now they can photo your tag and have your DL revoked/suspended mmmhmmm let the modders mod or rather MUCH more likely don't release a crippled product so you can resell a NEW IMPROVED we didn't screw this one up model later. Same stupid thing with ZIP disks the dude that came up with them came up with a 1 Gig version as his original design … what did you see on the shelf first… hmmmm a jacked up 100MB version ? just so you can make more money later? SCREW you Dummy.. i mean Johnny

  • dishes

    screw u sony u guys have f ed it up for everybody

  • dishes

    all u people kissing sonys butt, ask them to bend over so u can get a better view. u guys are blogging about it so dont act like ur on sonys side. u guys r a joke, a bbbbbbbiiiiiiggggggggggg f ing joke. u people saying sony did nothing wrong go outside and do something productive

  • dishes

    all u people kissing sonys butt, ask them to bend over so u can get a better view. u guys are blogging about it so dont act like ur on sonys side. u guys r a joke, a bbbbbbbiiiiiiggggggggggg f ing joke. u people saying sony did nothing wrong go outside and do something productive

  • dishes

    and another thing, if psn is going to cost money, sure people will pay to play but what will happen to PAY TO PLAY GAMES??????? death would come quick to those games. games like DC universe cant take a loss of anymore players. this game is dying. So will there be compensation to people who pay monthly to play, more than likely there will not be. SOE get ur stuff together before we have to play the stupid xbox. cause i know for a fact xbox live is up and running. and yes protecting psn from hackers is great and all. i just wish they would be more in depth about what is going on and when everything will be running again

  • dishes

    this is going to make people sell or go with another console system. more bad news for sony. and how about people who pay to play ex. dc universe. i pay 15 dollars a month to play this f ing game and now i feel cheated out of my money. sony better fix this soon or dc universe will die.

  • KyddNinja

    Sony filed a multiple million dollar lawsuit against a select group of modders, and stated that they did not have the right to change their ps3's. The modders argued that they had the right to do whatever they wanted with their systems because it is in their possession and have paid outright to own them. Sony slapped them with a lawsuit, and the modders responded with shutting down the PSN network servers until sony drops the lawsuit. Sony isn't giving updates to the situation because they don't want the public to know that they have been hacked by people who just want to modify their own systems and not interfere with everyone else.

    • eldridgep

      Thats where you are wrong mate, by hacking the system (if that is indeed the case) the are interfering with everyone else. What they do with their PS3's in the privacy of their own homes is their business and frankly I don't give a monkeys, however when they prevent me from playing a game I've paid for on a system I've paid for and not broken any terms and conditions on then they have gone too far.

      I've not hurt them they have hurt me, whoever is responsible should be brought to task for what they have done. However Sony have once again shown themselves to be a public relations disaster waiting to happen. The way they have treated their customers is an absolute disgrace, their updates have been pathetic and only really started appearing when they saw the bad press they were getting. To not even come out with anything resembling an ETA on a fix makes them look incompetent.

      As for the PSN is free you have to expect downtime argument I disagree, that and the Blu-Ray playback were the primary reasons I paid out the extra cash for a PS3 over a X-Box, I consider myself having paid up front so to speak.

    • felldrake

      is this just a conspiracy theory or is there proof to this because If the modification lawsuit doesn't hold I'm sure a lawsuit for crashing the entire network would.

  • Sam

    Well it seems they are making sure PSN will be more secure. I hipe it'll take a few years for hackers to break it

  • kieron

    i would like to know when will PSN be back online because im realy bored

  • night-252

    as long as it will help stop or at least slow down those sorry hackers i would pay to play on PS, what would you rather do pay to play and know that you can play a descent game, or hate to turn on your ps3 cause you know that's all that you will be run into is hackers, i have not played my ps3 in 3 months simply because of those sorry a** hackers, hackers will take a great game and screw it all up, if i am going to pay 60+ for a game i want to be able to play 6 months later and not have to sell the cause of hackers, i know that i am not the only one out there that when a new game comes out i will play it like a mofo till the hackers come out, then i will either sell the game or just stop playing the game all together,

  • Gazza

    Its great that they are doing this for us all. But this is all was asking from the start the truth if they had told us this from the start then we would under stood the amount of time it is taking them to do it lets just hope everything is running ok when its back up again and that all theses silly little hackers and the cheaters that come after the hackers get a life and grow up and start to play the games like us real gamers do.THANK YOU SONY

  • activeonline

    sony noobs

  • Lee Richardson


  • ottis

    The psn network was brought down by a group of hackers sony didn't have much control and it's not going to stop there, Sony has upset alot of people and the only way Sony can combat the problem is new hardware. Sony are making excuses the guys already said on the other end that they have beef with sony

  • Lisa

    Please fix it quickly, my kids are driving me mad!!!

  • donally

    i like turtles

  • jimmy

    bout time!

  • Girg

    It's crap! The easter weekend came and they knew that the servers would be overloaded and so they've dropped the whole PSN! amazing how it happened on the first day of the holiday, and I bet you that it comes back up and online by midnight Monday! Typical Sony doing what they do best, fecking around with people!

    • wesley

      can you say conspiracy theorist? my god…they wouldn't do that right after dropping two brand new games this week, it's going to drive some people to leave psn for xbox, especially if this takes much longer.

  • Balls big

    We should get money of somewhat $100 on our psn
    idk what the money on the psn is called so gtfo
    ps points? idfk.

  • toby lerone

    i want to play black ops now

  • toby lerone

    i want cod now

    • luke

      play black ops split screen pick how many enemys and teammates its simple!

  • Edd

    I dont want to have to pay.

  • Peter

    Whilst frustrating, I am happy that Sony are making the network more secure.
    More information would have been nice during the outage however.
    This outage will not make me switch the Microsoft like many others have said
    In different blogs, Sony forever 🙂

    • Kret

      you are right mate. i wil never sell or change for x360 my ps3 just because psn is down for a few days.

    • jjp

      this is so gay we should not have to go threw this and we should not have to pay for this if we have to. also insted of just sitting around doing nothing waiting for online to work you should get of you laze but and go hangout with firend go to the bar with some firends and drink responseble and please any sony people tell me when this is going to be over because online is how i connect with my dad and i think we shoule all be able to have one free downloud but we dont haft to ps:)xbox360 sucks this is jace please reply……….:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :)PEASE

  • Steve b

    I'd pay for a better online service,if it meant better security and better online gaming.4 days and not being able to go online is frustrating,how about £10 a year for trouble free service.

  • ilyas

    because playstation network is down i cant play my best game black ops no more free for all in nuketown for 4 days i am sooo frustaded about this i thort it will last for 2 day please playstation fix it i dont want 2 pay for playstation network

  • Cameron Quinn

    Can you at least tell us when its going to end, and what they are updating. (Say it more clearly…)

  • guest

    track down the wanking hackers that did this and take them deep-sea fishing – as bait!

  • Tom

    how long ia it gunna be ie bin waiting for four days now tell sony to kick the hackers of the their playstaion accounts

  • Kris

    It's a bit annoying but as the weather in the UK is excellant (for once) this down time couldn't of come at a better time.

  • S_T_A_P_L_E_Y

    how long do u think this will take, untill we can get online… bored now…. 🙂

  • Chris

    Am I the only person that is quite happy for Sony to protect my personal details, Sony is on my side and I have no problems with their service, do the children hacking the psn really think it is possible to bring a company like Sony to it's knees, please grow up and leave my excellent psn alone I do not need anyone to fight for me. Sony could keep psn off all week if it's to protect me and other normal users. Hackers fuck off please.


    all you silly people who keep saying the ps network is free.sure it is you mugs.xbox360 cost about £180 to buy.then you pay £40 a year for xbox live.ps3 you pay £280 to buy and no online payments.mmmmm , you work it out….so, now do you think its still free??? we pay for all this dont you worry,games least £10 to £15 more for a ps3 game….cod aside…we all know that……OH WE PAY DONT YOU WORRY…..

    • Pat

      360 and PS3 games are the same price at release….. at least they are in Canada….$59.99, every time… I don't know if Sony products are more expensive in the UK and Microsoft's cheaper, but when I got my PS3 a year ago it was $300, and a 360 with a smaller HDD was like, $40 cheaper. I would have put $120 into a xbox live gold subscription by now, just to play the games I can already play free online on my PS3….so yeah, it's free. Silly person.

    • Badger182

      You realise that's an extremely stupid comment? Not to go into the ins and outs of the PS3 V Xbox thing, but the PS3 is a far more powerful machine, which also offers blue ray, hence the price. I also have an Elite as well as PS, there's an unnoticeable difference in online. It's simple, casual gamers not looking to spend too much get an Xbox, people who are serious about gaming and want a lasting console go for PS3.

    • wes

      it still turns out to be cheaper…because over the 5-7 years that you own the system, xbox collects enough to buy another system, plus ps3 allows you to watch blu-ray dvd's, which is a major selling point for sony, that's one reason the system costs more.

  • berry

    a free network is why i bought a ps3 in the first place,a few days of upgrading i can live with, but the bloody timing is disappointing.i think the companines that ask us to pay for online gaming are been f'king greedy and im sure they make enough through dlc's ,sales of games and even merchandise.

  • Antan

    wow i am so angry i understand that they are doing their best but they do much better it has been 4 days and they still havent fixed it and they also need to give us a date when it is going to be fixed.

  • Harrison Baxter

    This Is Stupid Plz Sony Just Try And Imploey the hacking company and convince them to get rid of the hack

  • Will

    to do this over a holiday season is a joke why not do it mid week and not during easter they wouldnt do this at xmas its crazy they should have done this at the start of the month

    • ask

      they didn't do anything…. hackers done it… so before you go raging please read.

  • DannyWG

    4days and counting, hopefully it's back up asap!!

  • toby

    This is quite annoying that it has been down for this long, but we'll just have to wait for it to come back up and for me that is around a week, as schools have come into place