2011 Easter Sunday In The UK, Websites That Help

By Gary Johnson - Apr 24, 2011

Today you may choose to just have a lazy day doing nothing, but if you want to have somewhere to go this Easter Sunday in the UK, we have some websites that help.

In the UK all the big shops are closed, but especially if the weather is nice there is plenty of places to visit that don’t even cost anything once you are there. All In London.co.uk has a variety of different things that are going on. You will also get information on how to get there, times and much more.

The Essex Tourist Guide also has plenty of information on what’s going on in the area, with activities, places to eat and many other things of interest. If you live further north and are near the Edinburgh region, Informed Edinburgh.co.uk has a list of Easter egg hunts taking place in the area.

VisitWinchester.co.uk has a list of special Easter events taking place with addresses and phone numbers provided. MyThornbury.co.uk has a calendar of events taking place at Berkeley Castle over the whole Easter weekend.

This only covers a small amount of the UK, so if you have any good websites in your area let us know. What are you planning on doing this Easter Sunday?

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