PS3’s Multiplayer-Only Games When Playstation Network (PSN) Down

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 23, 2011

The PlayStation Network is said to have over 70 million users around the world, and with millions of them logging on, and being met with a message that points to the PSN being down, this will create some ill feeling.

It’s true you can play games offline, and the fact that the PlayStation Network is down will not affect many gamers, but it certainly causes problems for the PS3’s “Multiplayer-Only” games. These include temporarily unplayable games like SOCOM: Confrontation, Warhawk, Free Realms, and more. Some people just want to share trophies or check messages, which is also not possible during the PSN outage. You can get the latest update from Sony via the PlayStation Blog that states that the downtime is due to hackers, or exactly an “external intrusion”. How does that make you feel PS3 users?

The BBC also reports in detail about this prolonged PlayStation Network outage, and explain while it’s down, you will not be able to stream films from LoveFilm, another problem for Sony, which may see problems continue if users lose faith in the service.

PS3 users do not pay to access the PSN, not like the Xbox 360, but we wonder how many PS3 owners would pay money to help Sony to provide better security, if that is at all possible?

So to all those wanting to play games this Easter and being met with comments like “get a life” or “play offline”, remember its not that simple for some people, and PSN is tied into many of Sony’s services that do not work during outage.

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  • kent

    I think that microsoft has paid anons to crash sonys server cause they no xbox is going down the pan, you can pick up a xbox 360 secondhand for under 50 pounds with aload of games i bought one for 30 with 4 games everyone i know use ps3 rather than the xbox anyways good lad geohotz to many kids at home on ps3 needing to get out and breath

  • kennyboy2323

    I don't know if this would be considered trolling since I'm just burning people on how stupid they sound. Just the same: I don't even know how the term "trolling" came to be; but anyways…

    Sicky Ricky and like one other dude actually said something fruitful on here. Barry Gunter, if you even played your PS3 enough to go out and buy Crisis and Socom in the same day; you should've already known that PSN was down, and just brushed it off and just do something else for a change besides pee and moan. Then with the "happy to take our money but can't offer a service". What kind of crock of bull is that? We aren't getting charged for PSN, and to top it off: its not a very bad service either, is it? Let's bring online games into the arguement. World of Warcraft for example gets updated once a week, therefore requiring the servers to be "down" for an "extended amount of time"(about 6 – 12 hours; WoWheads have a very different perception of time than most people). And golly! Do you know what else? They pay for that game subscription too. They just suck it up though and try not to hyperventilate. Because they realize for whatever reason Blizzard has for the downtime: Its only gonna make they're game experience better once its back up; and I think thats pretty much the knowledge to take from all my rambling. Some of you are too brain-fried from gaming that you; without even knowing the exact reason PSN is down: demand it to be back up in the next 2 seconds. Weather its an internal or external server problem, or somebody at Sony just playing a late April fools joke on the world: they're doing what they can, and its only for the good of they're loyal customers.

    As far as Sony not being ready to keep us informed of whats going on; you have to remember: the Titanic didn't have enough life boats. "It sinking" was never premeditated. "PSN going down so suddenly" was never premeditated with a secret door in Playstation HQ that said "In case of server crash open the door, look on desk, grab 8GB flash drive and upload REASONFORCRASH.TXT to PS3 website. Come on people: this isn't a political speech we're dealing with here!(get it? premeditated. lol)

  • Mars

    I just wish they hurry up!!!!!

  • ste

    How can a server be too powerful for PSN?? just like xbox live, PSN is a Peer to Peer service. PSN and XBL connect to the servers for matchmaking and then the server picks the host (who ever has the best internet connection).

  • jonathan

    it is deff hackers who are causing this problem..a group called anonymous, even though they said they didnt do it i think they did. they have already sent a threat out to sony just because they did all that stuff to george holtz.. i wouldve done the same thing, he messed up mw2 you couldnt play a game online without someone messing it became no fun. i think hackers should get a life and leave shit alone. i would stay with ps3 even if they started charging us i have a 360 and they are always working on the servers and the internet connection sucks dick. i got tired of it and smashed it with a baseball bat.haha

  • andre

    I love my ps3 I love blueray, but if they charged me to go online I would jump ship to xbox maybe not immediately but certainly by the next time new consoles are released . Most of my friends are on xbox but I refuse to join their ranks due to Microsoft charging . Ps3 has had a few problems on this console but we have stuck with them though more games on xbox often slightly better delivery due to being easier to program so Sony imo need to be careful else they could be history fast in the west. I am yet to see any differences between the consoles but xbox is cheaper we have shelled out more for ours to start charging would be a kick in the teeth and short sighted.

  • Raaz

    Sony's PSN is nearly on par with Xbox Live, only that it just doesn't have some extra features but is also Free. Internet however, is an advantage. Even so, Sony cannot change their main policies on the PSN when it already has PSN Plus. I play PC and PS3, but if Sony did start charging, I'll gladly play PC games.

  • Hector

    Playstation network should hang there head in shame with the lack of information on the current outage, to some including myself it is a big part of my life and i for one are annoyed at the lack of respect payed to it's users. After all it is us who help the company to thrive

    • fox

      why should they hang their heads? Just because ickle you aren't being told everything? PSN is a big part of my life but guess what, I read a book today and then went for a drink with a friend. Embrace the analogue world. It's nice and it's free. Just like PSN.

  • mornelithe

    I've got a gaming PC, NHL and NBA Playoffs to watch, regular season MLB to watch, and tons of post-winter yardwork and gardening outside to keep me occupied. I actually had no idea the PSN was down until yesterday when I saw a blurb about it in the news.

    • Mars


      • mornelithe

        Truth hurts, doesn't it? There's a big world out there, the loss of PSN functionality for a time, won't kill you.

  • Hector

    Psn should hang there head in shame with the lack of information about the current outage problem.

  • Will

    It's pretty annoying to have it down now Portal 2 and the new SOCOM have come out, but I would never pay for PSN. Simple as that. I used to have a 360 and the main reason I changed to the PS3 was because of the free online.

  • Asif

    Shame, It's still showing "under maintenance" since yesterday.

  • James

    You are joking suggesting we pay for psn! I only bought a ps3 because it was free, and Sony shouldn't be allowed to start charging. If they did, I would sell my console and get an Xbox for sure.

  • Ryan Rimmer

    wheb will ps3 be up and running again thnx

  • barry gunter

    its really annoying i just bought socom yesterday and crysis was hoping to get online clearly NOT, what is taking so long been down 2 days, surely thats enough to fix a problem, happily take our money then cant provide a service, no wonder xbox laugh at us

  • Sicky Ricky

    I heard from an industry insider that this has nothing to do with hackers but in fact is Sony hiding the long neglected weakess of it's online features. The steam engine on Portal and features like King of the Hill on mortal kombat (not to mention the WB games server) are too powerful for the PSN! The games froze over and over for many gamers….Sony noticed this and are attempting a massive overhaul.

    • Bazza

      Barry gunter says "happily take our money then cant provide a service" …Sony have provided the a service since PS3/PSN was launched and that service is FREE, i also have an Xbox 360 and none of the friends in my list have laughed at PSN being offline, maybe thats because they are not imature 360 fanboys…

      PSN will be back online and as a result of the downtime be more secure and safer for all its subscribers.
      There has been alot of speculation on why the Playstation Network is offline and yet very little actual information on the real reason, Anonymous claim it wasnt them but did threaten action against Sony, maybe Sony took the threat seriously enough to take the network offline and beef up its security to prevent any possible intrusion…..