PS3 gamer boredom while PlayStation network (PSN) down

By Peter Chubb - Apr 23, 2011

You may wonder if the PS3 gamer is starting to suffer with boredom, as the PlayStation Network (PSN) is still down after almost three days now? Luckily I have been away for two weeks, but there are those of you who have been at home waiting by your PS3 in the hope that you can get back on, to enjoy a good game online. So what can you do to relieve the boredom while you wait for the Sony engineers to get the service back up?

It is no secret that this issue has angered PSN users, especially when there had been no explanation why the PlayStation Network went down in the first place, but reading some of these comments here will give you a good idea of just how they feel. One thing we do know, this is certainly not doing Sony any favors.

ZoKnowsGaming has come up with five things to do while the whole PlayStation Network down issue continues. One or two of them certainly seem like a great idea, such as taking in a movie or reading that book that has been sitting on the shelf for a few months.

However, there are other ideas that do seem to be taking it a bit too far, such as playing a few board games with some friends instead. Yes playing these can be fun, but how many arguments have you had over the years while playing a game such as Monopoly? There are a few other ideas, but not to certain if you would ever go that far – who wants to talk on the phone to a friend for hours?

What have you been doing to pass the time away, as you wait for PSN to go live once again?

Update: Sony recently issued an update on the situation, which you can read for yourself on their blog.

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  • B_K1988

    if u r seriously spending 200 to 300 dollars for a xbox cuz ur mad ps3 for a problem thats been going since april 20 U HAVE NO LIFE UR WASTING UR MONEY GET A GIRLFRIEND RIDE A BIKE DO SOMTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fck This!

    OMG when is PSN back online..


    I may go over to xBox 360, its been down for weeks now, COME ON PSN, JUST FIX THIS!! PLEASE!!

  • Elanracer27

    We've come a long way since NHL 94. LOL Get out of your Mom's basement for a while and ride your bike!

  • thesmyth1998

    ne1 add me im 6th prestige and pretty good at zombies thesmyth1998

  • Mark

    Its been almost a freaking week common Sony me both my brothers my cousin and dad all agreed tht if this issue wasn't resolved by tomorrow there's gonna be five less gamers online

  • richard perez

    i'm very happy to have a playstation 3 and x box360, i'm still playing games online with my xbox360 while i'm waititng for ps3 to come back online.

  • Guest

    I have been trying this for days now 5 days its been. Map Pack 2 is coming, and were not gonna be fuvking playing it online. stupid xbox.

    I want to play cod online so bad

  • CJSCanes

    This psn outtage has been going on for a lot longer than just four days. I was getting this error a week and a half ago and had to sign back in repeatedly to get it to work. While I am upset about the online play, there are other things getting missed here. For one, I have Netflix streaming to my PS3 and I cant use it because Netflix even says the psn is responsible. Also, I have Hulu plus. Just got it on the fifteenth and it is down too. When I called to ask why, same answer. Psn is causing more than just lack of online play. Anyone else that has either of these services are basically paying for NOTHING thanks to Sony and their lack of security! What a Joke!

  • Dr.Mindbender

    HA HA HA HA look I'm down and cant play Black ops MK or anything else…
    use this time wisely and learn something new instead of crying ya young punks…and also
    you Xbox geeks this could happend to you as well…I hope it doesnt but it can happed.

  • OrganizationXiLL

    umm.. one question.. why are yall flipping out so badly??.. do u not have other games that you've wanted to get farther on?.. i know i do.. i miss online too.. but its not as bad as yall are making it seem :/ calm the heck down :/

  • Mike

    Guys just go get a gf and live life while you still can , PSN you had ur moments but this showed me that there is more to life than playstation.

  • rumplestiffskin

    if i was sony i would have a backup server no psn store and stats would start over but ya would be able to play online this would be a good idea for the long server repairs

  • SonyFAIL

    I rented MAG this weekend. FML.

  • steviejc69

    sony the leading giants in world technology and its now been 4 days,come on sony,,chop chop

  • Ims

    They've lost a customer.
    I traded my ps3 in this morning and got myself an xbox, don't think I'll be getting a playstation console ever again.
    Thanks Sony

    • OrganizationXiLL

      ur stupid then.. good job you impatient fool..

  • Fugitmorte

    You should try having more than one system, PS3,360 & Human "Go for a walk people"

  • kennyboy2323

    After reading three seperate blogs on this website(to the mods: nice website btw!) I have a new-found sense of self-respect. I now know that I have more of a life than a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people. Half a week(or longer perhaps) is just too much to bear for some people. Sure, maybe I don't know all the stories or well thought-out reasons why people just GOT TO HAVE PSN, but REALLY? I recall watching a child-hood show: Rugrats; and grandpa would say "when I was a young whippersnapper we threw rocks at each other for fun."

    Oh the humanity! when a line like that isn't even considered a rational thought in the tech age.
    Maybe humanity has just got to the point where they're afraid to get a little dirty, sweaty, or calluses on their hands. Militaries using nuclear power over conventional Armies(I'm a soldier; I think I have a right to say that) and everybody else using computers, cell phones and virtual realities over ….throwing rocks at each other, backyard tackle football, flirting with that busty chick down the street. Does anybody catch my drift? Both sides of the comparison, its pretty wimpy when ya think about it. I can only imagine many years from now: if there still is a world, people will have forgot how to live simpler. Simplicity is not obsolete. Its what the human race was built off of. Simplicity became ingenuity became "a more reliant form of simplicity"(am i right?).

    Its the age we live in I guess, and I think it was just hard to know until now that this is what we've come to. Its hysterical though. If I hadn't just got my wisdom teeth removed, I would be ROTFLMFAO(a term of the computer age. can ya beat it?) at some of these people.

  • Spades

    this is BULL!!! i JUST got the new MK when the servers went down. i am a very supportive PSN player, but now i might ACTUALLY play my bro's XBOX!!!!! cmon sony, your supporters are dwindling. AT LEAST give us a date, instead of making us see when we can go online. some of us want to play online on games like lost planet 2, the new MK, and other stuff. your gonna lose customers sony! give us a date and 80% of us(excluding DC universe people) will be happy.

  • Chris168

    Wish i would have kept my xbox, fucking psn beating around the bush we want a fucking eta when it will be back up, i had a week free to play NOPE not now because you guys are fuck ups

  • 111

    i dont know why people are getting mad its only been 2 days.xbow live went down for 2 weeks once, and now that you cant play online you can go and have a life,go places,and talk to girls

  • Marc

    HAHA LOL I have been reading comments about formatting their ps3 LMAO I checked and checked the sign in button and it said "MAINTENACE". And i just realized something if someone hacked the psn how would sony be able to change the status from "ERROR" to "Psn is undergoing maintenace"? WTF IS GOING ON!!?

  • jason

    Reading this article has shown that any un-educated moron with an opinion can write an article.

  • Matt

    So I did some research and all evidence points to George Hotz and his group of hackers the "Anonymous". They are the reason we are without games because they feel they are "free" to exploit the security of their electronics possessions. SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO TAKE THE TIME TO FIND OUT WHERE THAT PUNK ASS KID AND HIS FRIENDS LIVE AND TAKE THEM OUT FEEL FREE.
    Hint of research for whereabouts……he's the kid that jailbroke the iphone and ipad and hacked the Ps3 and now he has hacked the network.

  • Infantrod

    MY thumb is healed! Hey ya’ll I now have feeling back in my thumb! IT’S A MERICAL! Wait? Nope no I was cool with it being numb because I played me some play station all day. It’s cool though this gives me time to catch up on some stuff. GO Anonymous and teach that sorry bunch of AHoles who the boss is. In all reality it will come back eventually, and by then I would assume that Sony will be much more careful about who they piss off…. Black Ops, INfantrod is the boss ya’ll!

  • iluvZOMBIES


  • Guest

    @ nail in coffin

    you say you had your xbox replaced for free 3 times when it went wrong. The fact it went wrong says it all!

  • AngryPSNuser

    At the end of the day I know it is a long time for Sony to shut the network down but they were caught by surprise off hackers or as Sony puts it outside influences. As long as it is down then the hackers can not access anything as frustrating as it is!!!!!!!!

    Why couldn't these hackers use their brains for some use other than make people's lives miserable?

    What is getting me is that my information is held on the PSN so what of my stuff has been accessed, I would like to know how serious this is. Everyone who purchases online gives their bank details to put money into there playstation wallets. I can kind of understand why Sony are being cautious!

    Would like a proper statement from Sony but the fact they are not speaking must be something legal going on and the only person who they took to court lately was George Hotz. The person who jailbreaked the PS3 as well as the Iphone. Never knew about him until now.

  • Guest

    I would like free games when this is back up then I will forget this even happened 🙂 HINT!

  • Sara_Bilders

    just called PSN and i had a bit of a ranting session. They told me it may be another 1 or two days from the point they are at right now before the network goes back up. What a horrible weekend for this to happen……..


    ps3 will loose alot of fans

  • Matt

    and to you idiots claiming to want money back…….YOU DONT PAY FOR A SERVICE HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET A REDEMTION CODE? or coupon or free download???????? GREEDY IDIOTS< GROW UP. ITS FREE AND I HOPE IT STAYS FREE.



    • OrganizationXiLL

      very true.. we're not gonna like it.. but itl be for the best :/

  • Matthew

    You are all idiots and losers for not having a life other than playing games. Yeah im bummed too but i dont play for days like u ppl do. Sometimes i work on my house to get things done then sometimes i feel like playing games. Get a life a and get a HOBBY. Go shoot some hoops or go to the beach depending on where you live. Like someone else said play the campain, if you beat it, play on a harder level cuz i bet u idiots put that crap on easy or normal. I always try to play a game the first time thru on hard, not expert but Hard. takes you longer to beat and it is more of a challenge. Just get a life. Here's a thought, read and research on the internet somes ideas u have, u can ask google anything and get results. if you dont, ask the same question but word it differently. Here's another thought, get off your butt and go to church and celebrate the true meaning of easter instead of worshiping your PS3. enough said, you know what to do.

    TO SONY: I can understand an issue can take time to sort out. I enjoy the FREE online service you provide for games instead of charging like XBOX. I hope it stays that way, but if your system stays down it sounds like you will lose a lot of gamers. i just recently bought a PS3 because i was not impressed with Xbox's Kinect. Get the bug worked out, or if its hardware failure, spend the damn money and get those servers fixed!!!!

  • Kayla

    STUDY FOR FINALS! I'm ok with the network being down, otherwise I wouldn't be getting anything done. I do miss tdm though.

  • Educated

    Guys relax….it wasn't sony messing up….it was Anonymous going up their arse…again…making us gamers not the company suffer….

  • xXSwansongXx

    Oh god, I can't take it any longer, it said it would take a day or two, now it's close to four, I can't even play combat training on black ops, this is some major bullshit, sony better give us some free shit for compensation, like DLC or a Mini or a Ps2 game.

    • lunchbox

      wtf? ITS FREE TO PLAY ONLINE! Why the fuck would they give you free shit?! This isnt their fault, they were hacked, you dumbass.

  • PS3 is crap

    XBOX IS WELL BETTER ive bn tryin for 3 days to get the shitty pice of machine workin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • geran

    I want to kill some people dammit come on sony killing AI is not the same an fuck a book i got movies

  • Josh

    Thats why you have to pay for xbox live, so this dont happen shitty ps3

  • andrew

    This is bullshit got socom operation flashpoin portal 2 n cnt play any online, and who ever said this happens on Xbox live is full of crap I have both consoles and not once as Xbox live been down for days on end! This is what we get for spending money on Sony goods, f%%k you Sony

  • pablo

    Come on Sony jus do wat u gatta do to restore psn… i wanna play fifa 11 ultimate team

  • Dan

    I can't even use my PS3 cuz I got the blinking red light on thursday!

  • finchy

    com on psn i wanna kick some ass on fifa

  • ando

    im gonna commit suicide if you hear about me on the news dont cry for me as my death wasnt in vain i just missed psn

  • Marky Mark

    This is the Fukushima of PSN outages… takes the biscuit.

  • ps3 guy

    i got a ps3 and xbox , i dont have xbox live becous i dont want to pay for it and not use it and i like playing natzie zombies on b ops SO FIX IT SONY people pay for a ps3 to get entertained not for server maintenance

  • OB2

    Have to admit (if you can see past those rage blinkers for a second), all this fuss about it going down for a few days is kinda funny. 😛
    Buddha forbid there is actually a life outside of online gaming eh? XD

  • 8==>~~~Ö

    im pretty pissed about this, but i finally realized that i dont have to sit in front of a ps3 all day. we all need to get a breath of fresh air and get a life, lmao 😉

  • yid

    read a book!!! are you taking the mickey mouse or something??? you deserve a right hook for that you numpty!

  • josh

    well sense it's down , i finally turned the power on in zombies got to level 10 then quit, now im bored again,

  • Vegas.

    the fact that u all are on here bitching about it just shows how retarded humans have become. if u can't live without video games for a few days u definitely have been suffering from voluntary down syndrome and y'all need to cut off a testicle look at it. swallow it whole then slit ur throats so we can rid the world of the infestation of retardation in the gaming community

    • Guest

      Loser, psn rules you a mammys boy aka Billy no mates

  • Cornholio

    EPic fail and getting more epic

  • bill

    we better get something for this inconvienince.

  • matt

    is it so bad to have a network down that it makes people question their gaming system? its not all lost man its been 3 days. did none of you guys game when there wasnt online? or is it so bad that when online multiplayer is gone you cant just call up some friends to meet up and play or something?

  • P.S.3

    TBH I understand that Sony may need to do Maintenance ect…

    It would be Good if they could just say when they are going Off and On ..!

  • Psking

    Get a life messers,

  • Boogie

    This is almost grounds for another nuclear attack on Japan. Tread carefully Sony.

  • Poland

    I have done all my pending work……..
    washed the car
    mow the lawns
    cleaned the house….
    helped wife for easter preparations…
    But now I am so much frustrated that I feel like, going on the street and banging someone's head…..
    Cmon you silly jokers and kids at Sony…. who can not protect the servers….
    Days of so bad suffering….
    get it back on……. and grow up and be a little more professional
    millions of gamers are suffering…….
    Its a very serious matter…….. its weekend and we are bored

  • Kieran

    I brought GTA 4 On Tuesday.. So im fine

  • mike

    I just spoke with my friend who works for Sony, and I was told it will be back on at 12 noon on 4/23/2011. Not much longer.

  • joij


  • nOwteLsEtOdO

    Love my sony ps3,and at first i just sat in front of t.v with error code on while i stifled a small scream,the missus asked me if i was ok,so i took a gulp and replied meekly,ye yes i,m o ok.Then in blind terror i realised the awful impending claustrophobia enveloping me,realising the collective emptiness of my life without ps3 online,so i did something i rarely do and took a hesitant step outside and took my first taste of real air,real outside air and omg heeeelllllpp i,m feeling dizzy,my agrophobia surges through me like a runaway train and i,ve got to get off,so i come back inside and stroke my ps3 whilst saying to myself things will be ok soon lol,i,m off down the pub to get pished and maybe sony will have sorted when i get back,but for now lets all take a chill pill it,s gonna be sorted asap,laters:)

  • matt

    LOL i love how people are saying they are going to buy xbox.. screw sony… hurry up your useless etc…. its not like its there fault… it was caused by hackers.. dont people see how this is NOT sony's fault so why are u blaming them?…. some people are retarded

  • Pissed of

    this is really pissing me of right now, i have only just bought my PS3 and the network is down for the second time in 2 months, im fed up with sony they r rubbish!!! cant play COD and im really bored soo gonna get an xbox now

  • No_longeravirgin

    Ok, so my weed intake has increased like 20 fold since it's been down. I've actually gone outside and taken a walk….like yesterday….I got hungry and WALKED to Panera and got myself a sandwich…..I walked….just to kill time…..get back to my house, still no PSN. I also played guitar for hours, but then my heart started breaking for the PSN being down and all that came out was a bunch of emo songs about how PSN let me down and left me high and dry, salty tears, blah blah etc…etc…..

    This is 100% unacceptable and I think we should do something about the alien abductions that are causing this meltdown.

    Oh ya, I did manage to lose my virginity as well during this off-time…..go me?!?

  • Sara_Bilders

    This is Bull. At least Effin tell us when it is going back up. Glad I have an Xbox. Might be throwing my Ps3 out because of this. I come home from a crudy day of work and i just want to kill people, but no. This would happen on a freaking long weekend.

  • billy

    who cares about all of this just blame jd2020 lol

  • ryan

    u are all sad i have psn online but i have a life a dont sit in all day playing my ps3 i go out instead of playing the ps3 all day

  • Ur all sad

    your all sad.. just shows how boring your lives are .. u should live a little .. maybe ull get laid… or u cud just do some diy … losers

  • Ziplock

    You shouldn't be angry with SONY, the anger should be fully aimed at these basement dwelling hackers that think its their right to do what ever they want with other peoples property, and PS3 software IS SONY property .
    So vent you anger towards the ego driven tool hacker 'Geohot' and this so called Anon hacker group, even though its not a group its just random hackers doing whatever they see fit , pretending they are part of something bigger .
    SONY are most likely doing some major maintenance to ensure that we wont have any more inference by this group of childish morons called Anonymous, if that is whats happening then its a good thing, because id sooner one big down time than constant interference by these tool hackers.

  • billy

    PSN making us all wait about 3-4 days u better give us something in return…….. get map packs early for once instead of xbox

  • Jon

    smoke some bud instead- better than video games

  • Liam_100

    PSN will be back up shortly just be patient.


    If you are SONY then how could you get hacked by these douches?

  • Utteerlop#

    SOny flicked the switch on this one, pretty simple, with all this hacker talk with Anom, Sony have killed the PSN network, they threw out some bait by mentioning perhaps being hacked and now the piranhafans will hunt Anom out of the water, basically all the focus of rage and hate will go to the hacker group to deter them from future attacks. Straight out of the false flag manifesto.

    It's a good move by Sony, a costly one but perhaps for the better. It should be back online soon.

  • JCo

    Love PS3 online. Disappointed it's not updated yet.
    But seriously, I'm not that bothered about it. There's other things I'd rather be doing anyway.

    Socialising for one. You know, the old-fashioned version where you actually go outside the house and meet other real people, and talk to them face to face. Have a few laughs, stretch the legs, get some fresh air (or as fresh as the city has to offer). Maybe partake in a few drinks if I have some loose change lying around. Nice pub, nice atmosphere, good music, friends. If you're too young to be drinking, get a two litre bottle of cola, get the old goalie gloves out and go for a kick-about, skateboarding, rugby, cricket or whatever you're into. Wash the car, cut the grass. Anything.

    I'm not saying don't play the PS3 but at least for the fraction of your life that it is not working, how about enjoying life a little instead of staring into your tv screen, instead of sitting fumbling around with your psps and phone games. Will also give you something to talk about instead of 'i got a double-headshot with one bullet' or 'i was playing this guy last night and he….'.

    So, even though the PS3 isn't fixed yet and I wasn't going to play it anyway, but because it isn't fixed I want it fixed – you don't realise you want something until it's been taken from you – I kinda hope it stays off for the whole weekend so that everyone can enjoy their Easter holiday in the real world.

    All the best.

  • blake24034

    seriously people if you were a normal person you wouldnt be worrying about this youd just simply say , wow its still down , guess i check again tomorrow and not be angry cuz ive ben out with my family pretty often now and also watching netflix on my laptop , one thing you can do is if you have allot of friends just pack up ur ps3 and go plays split screen with your friend im shure you guys will have a good laught and finaly get tired of ot after a few hours but come on people its just a gaming system , realy if youd rather sit on your ass and play games all day instead of going to church of supporting your family (if ur a parrent or married) your one dumn fucker thats all i gotta say !

    • KMK

      Dude, the fact that youre in here- writing a comment, just proofs that youre as abnormal as anyone else.. and another thing is, that its not every single human being that has a family to celebrate easter with. Its not every country that has nice weather… Its actually a bit windy in copenhagen.. Oh and its not everyone that is able to walk – Like in I have a footinjury from playing footy. So please, stfu 😉

  • NBK_FuRYzZ

    i must admit i am extremely annoyed at this but doesnt this show we r 2 addicted to the ps3 if we cant go 3 days without it?

  • ray_tupper

    ok i've washed the cars, cleaned the house, done the grass, washed the dishes, walked the dogs, hung the washing out, absorbed some vitamin D and consequently got a tan, painted a wall, done the shopping, erected a fence all before 3…. nothing left to do…. fight night anyone…. oh hold on.

  • luce

    omg i just brand new socom for 60 dollars and cant even play online ..and before the 3 day shutdown my the network was messing up for a week for me

  • nickcruz

    My pale skin aches for gameing.The sun is very bright,I need shoes to go outside,there are lots of good sniping spots around my place.Im going back inside to watch for any psn news.

  • jamster-89

    ok playstaion yes i have rang them yesterday and the advisor was shit so spoke to the manager I ask wht is goin on and when will it be back on he say genral maintanece and back up by 5am – 3pm GMT london but hay am still waiting and yes so I goto his replie yh maintanence so can thay get my bank details he goses I carnt tel you th ahh what you mean wel am not allowd to say ok slams phone down tht cost me a call of £26.86 WTF arrrr so any ways yh hes been told it will be on today but no luck yet 🙁

  • I hate this so much, i'm even considering buying a wii… hahaha just kidding.

  • Nickybhoy

    Sony better get ther finger out ther arses and get This sorted before I end up committing a murder