iPad 2 jailbreak, delay and why for 4.3.2

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 23, 2011

The news broke at the start of this week that the Apple iPad running iOS 4.3.2 had been jailbroken, but this was not the iPad 2 jailbreak that some people had been waiting for, and instead worked for the iPhone 4, first generation iPad, and other devices.

So, at the time of writing the iPad 2 is apparently still immune to jailbreak with some people claiming it’s the best-locked device that Apple has produced to date. The iPad 2 is still a sought-after item, and stock levels have been low, as reported by users complaints.

Getting a nice shiny new iPad 2 is one thing, but jailbreaking the device is another and not an option for thousands of people, even if they could they wouldn’t want to. There are many benefits to using external applications like Cydia, but some users do not want to take the risk, although those that jailbreak find it hard to see the risk at all.

We thought we would run a poll for those that want to jailbreak iPad 2 with 4.3.2, let us know if this is something you want in the poll below. Also feel free to comment on the reasons why you want it, and why you think it’s taking longer for iPad 2.

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  • Bull2k9

    im dyin here…this thing is pretty much useless to me unless i can jailbreak it! its painful to look at all that untapped power!!! please jailbreak 4.3.2 please!!!!  thanks for all that u do i certainly love and appreciate it!!!! but for the love of tweaks man….jailbreak the thing!!!

  • Chris

    remember people, the guys who work hard to jailbreak these devices, do it for nothing, be patient, it will come, there is nothing that is man made which isnt hackable at some level, some just take more time than others.

  • DanLuc

    I would jailbreak my iPad 2 to create choices. Everything in life is about choices. Why would i buy an expensive item just for the manufacturer to tell me what i can or cant do with it. If i choose to destroy it, would Apple complain?

  • Jacob M.

    The reason the iPad 2 is so hard to jailbreak is because Apple got smart and put the bootrom inside of the A5 processor which makes it much harder to find find everything and also being able to find a bootrom exploit im sure soon enough it will be jailbrokin… I did just see something about jailbreaking iPad 2 on 4.3.2 just now so ima go look at it hopefully it will be true :)!!!

  • gunquixtar

    I need to share 3g to my iphone please if apple do it I won't say anything!

  • Bggs

    Maybe some comments might change their minds….

  • Mr.Smith

    Ok to the people that Voted No, why are you viewing a page about iPad 2 Jailbreak when you clearly don't plan too?

  • millerlite546

    It's already been jail broken, just no public release…that's what everyone's waiting on. It is clearly not immune to a jailbreak, look for comex on YouTube.


    i still don't understand why u don't won't to jailbreak your ipad2 . jailbroken ones can download any app for free from installous…..you already bought the ipad why waste more cash on apps that can be download free-*-

  • Pierluk

    I want it now for themes i like to change the look of my iphone…

  • Matt M.

    The only reason that I wish to jailbreak the ipad2 is for bluetooth external mouse functionality. If Apple would just include this functionality in a normal ios update…I personally would not want to jailbreak. I need this functionaliyy to make rdp connectivity to windows pcs & servers complete. Using your finger on a touchscreen as a mouse for a windows machine is very cumbersome and not efficient.

  • W219cls55

    Maybe Geohot works for apple? Lol
    And that's why this Ipad 2 Jailbreak is harder?

    • william

      i hope not

  • Adam

    My reason for wanting my iPad 2 Jailbroken is simple. I want to make my iPad independent from having to use a computer hooked up to itunes all the time. You can use an SD card or even an iPad hyperdrive to transfer any file to and from the iPad 2. If you jailbreak your device and get a program called iFile from cydia, you can access the iPad's file system. Then go to the app store and buy goodreader. You can move files from it's unaccessible location on the iPad to the goodreader folder and install it. You can use a program called mewseek to install any music you want off of an SD card (camera connect kit) on the fly. all you do is move the file from the SD card (within iFile) and move it to the mewseek folder. Now open up music and import it to your ipod app. You have no reason to ever go back to your home computer and reconnect to itunes if you have your ipad 2 jailbroken.

  • Mikecyber

    Jail breaking only unlocks the full potential of the device being used. I've done it since the first gen iPod touch. The only reason the jailbreak is taking so long is because of the location of the boot rom which is believed to be in the new a5 chip iPad 2has. That makes it immune to previous jailbreaks. But no worries because a new jailbreak is in rout.

  • Guest

    Isnt it about time to release the iPad2 jailbreak, INSTEAD OF TALKING FOR MONTHS ABOUT IT?

    Either it can be done and is ready download, or you cant do it and tell the world its impossible.

    But please stop all the back and forth messiging since ipad2 was first sold(out)

  • Richie

    I don't understand why anyone wouldn't want to jailbreak their iDevice. It is impossible to do any harm to it. There is nothing you can do to your device that will actually "brick" it. It can always be restored using the DFU restore. The only damage that can happen to an iDevice is physical and apples warranty doesn't cover it.

    • Jack

      Nah mate. I've seen an iPhone that has been bricked due to jail breaking. Fortunately apple did an immediate an exchange for that person. Lucky him!

  • hpblze

    to access usb flash drive files through ifile … this way we can have more storage space to breathe

  • Nader

    This Poll does not represent a randoim sample simply because many people who are looking for jailbreak will reach it via Google search. So those who visit this page are likley to come across it because they are looking for a way to jailbreak their device

  • Mike

    First of all it is legal to jailbreak your idevice, doing so will open up your world to a whole realm of customization and apps not avaailable in itunes. It turns the APPLE ipad into YOUR ipad.

  • tatoo

    NO jailbreak for ipad2. Without Geohot you seem very weak.

  • Isaac

    Jailbreaking the iPad 2 is the best decision you can make after buying it….. So lets have patience

    • issac

      my name is issac to just saying

      • Isaac

        Me 3

  • Michael

    Why wouldn't you want to jailbreak? It's so much better, I really want these two apps from Cydia called "fullforce"and "retina pad." they make it were iPhone apps turn into iPad apps if you turn it on…Thats one reason to jailbreak!

    • Craig Matthews

      This is the reason I want to jailbreak. Just to get some of these iPhone only apps to work a little bit better. I can't believe there still isn't an iPad Facebook app and the two alternatives suck.

      • Michael

        I know right?

    • Michael is a moron

      ipad 2 dont have retina if you don't now something don't speak piss of junk

      • Michael

        First of all YOUR the idiot thinking that I thought the iPad 2 has retina display, Second of all, Retina pad is a Cydia app that when the iPad shows an iPhone app in 2x display, it makes it much clearer as in the "retina" display on the iPhone 4..So get your facts straight first before calling people morons…idiot.