iPad 2 jailbreak, delay and why for 4.3.2

The news broke at the start of this week that the Apple iPad running iOS 4.3.2 had been jailbroken, but this was not the iPad 2 jailbreak that some people had been waiting for, and instead worked for the iPhone 4, first generation iPad, and other devices.

So, at the time of writing the iPad 2 is apparently still immune to jailbreak with some people claiming it’s the best-locked device that Apple has produced to date. The iPad 2 is still a sought-after item, and stock levels have been low, as reported by users complaints.

Getting a nice shiny new iPad 2 is one thing, but jailbreaking the device is another and not an option for thousands of people, even if they could they wouldn’t want to. There are many benefits to using external applications like Cydia, but some users do not want to take the risk, although those that jailbreak find it hard to see the risk at all.

We thought we would run a poll for those that want to jailbreak iPad 2 with 4.3.2, let us know if this is something you want in the poll below. Also feel free to comment on the reasons why you want it, and why you think it’s taking longer for iPad 2.

[poll id=”336″]



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