In light of PlayStation Network (PSN) down, would you pay?

Millions of PlayStation 3 owners remain frustrated while PSN remains down. It’s not just the fact that the service cannot be accessed, but the silence from Sony about the outage. This latest downtime has now entered its third day without any indication of when the service will come back online.

Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have to pay a yearly subscription to play games online, and mainly don’t experience the same amount of downtime that PS3 owners do. So with this in mind if Sony were to charge in the same way it may result in a more stable and secure service.

If Sony did decide to eventually to go down this road, there would be no guarantee PS3 owners wouldn’t ever experience any downtime. This latest episode looks highly likely to be caused by outside groups attacking Sony, much to the detriment of gamers looking to take advantage of the long Easter break.

How do you fell about the idea of paying for a more secure PlayStation Network? Tell us what you think.

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  • keith

    I was an xbox player myself but converted to ps3 because it was free for online gameing,surely the revenue to keep up the site comes from people like me who do not want to pay to game online.Facebook and other social networks do not charge to go on there sites,maybe sony should get revenue for security from advertising on psn as ong as it is not too much in your face and you could have the option to pay a small fee to not see the adverts if desired


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