In light of PlayStation Network (PSN) down, would you pay?

By Gary Johnson - Apr 23, 2011

Millions of PlayStation 3 owners remain frustrated while PSN remains down. It’s not just the fact that the service cannot be accessed, but the silence from Sony about the outage. This latest downtime has now entered its third day without any indication of when the service will come back online.

Owners of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 have to pay a yearly subscription to play games online, and mainly don’t experience the same amount of downtime that PS3 owners do. So with this in mind if Sony were to charge in the same way it may result in a more stable and secure service.

If Sony did decide to eventually to go down this road, there would be no guarantee PS3 owners wouldn’t ever experience any downtime. This latest episode looks highly likely to be caused by outside groups attacking Sony, much to the detriment of gamers looking to take advantage of the long Easter break.

How do you fell about the idea of paying for a more secure PlayStation Network? Tell us what you think.

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  • Moonwalker94-_-

    How would a subscription stop sony from being hacked? Dont even try and convince me they have less security than microsoft cos ALL companies have to abide by laws concerning personal data and discretion if it happened to sony it could sure as hell happen to microsoft or anyone else infact theyre all probably working on changing security as we speak only they werent hacked so they dont need to rebuild their system, and by the way i have xbox ps3 and wii all do the same thing ps3 and xbox are the same pretty much no difference

  • Cherav

    Xbox live is better than PSN,If I’m going to pay for a Online service, that would be Xbox Live! That is why I used to play in PSN because its FREE, not the best but is free. So if I going to pay, I’m going with Xbox Live

  • nelly0

    just brought my first xbox. impressed, ps3 for sale.

  • Edgeward

    Sony has been toying with the idea of making the Playstation Network a subscription service for several years but without a major issue such as this they have not been able to justify it because of the cost of the system and games.

    I had an xbox live account but when I got my playstation I let it run out because most of the games I play are for both systems, there is a blu-ray player, and the network is free, so I can watch Netflix without having to pay to watch what I already paid to watch.

    Just wait in a few days "Playstation Plus" will come back online but they will still be having problems to get the free network back up or ever.

    Open your EYES people, this is a marketing scheme.

  • PS3 User

    Whilst the PS3 does have downtimes for maintenace – so does the XBOX.
    Having owned both machines it was only the free network that attracted me to the PS3 and i'm still glad on my choice of selling my XBOX.

    Having said that – this current outage they have already admitted is of Sony's doing THEMSELVES.
    They said 'we have taken down the network', dont believe me, go back and re read the press release VERY carefully.
    IMHO – they have taken down the network just before the 4 day Easter Holidays, because they knew their servers were not goin to be able to cope with the strain. They have used the 'hacker' thing to their advantage (this having been strangely removed now). So basically rather than having a failing, slow, crippled network over Easter hols – they took down most of the services.
    You can disagree with me if you like…thats just my opinion…but this makes the most sense to me.

  • billybobdoctor

    hope its on soon cos im getting a new ps3

  • 5chan

    No I wouldn’t pay. The main reason I bought the ps3 (instead of xbox) is because I knew the psn is ‘free’. If sony would charge for the service, then I’d seriously reconsider my patronage towards SCEA in the future.

  • keith

    I was an xbox player myself but converted to ps3 because it was free for online gameing,surely the revenue to keep up the site comes from people like me who do not want to pay to game online.Facebook and other social networks do not charge to go on there sites,maybe sony should get revenue for security from advertising on psn as ong as it is not too much in your face and you could have the option to pay a small fee to not see the adverts if desired

  • keith

    I was an xbox player myself but converted to ps3 because it was free for online gameing,surely the revenue to keep up the site comes from people like me who do not want to pay to game online.Facebook and other social networks do not charge to go on there sites,maybe sony should get revenue for security from advertising on psn as ong as it is not too much in your face and you could have the option to pay a small fee to not see the adverts if desired

  • fabz

    your stupid as fuck, its down becuase someone hacked in their servers. Put it this way, a virus hit the PSN and Sony are trying to clean that shit up

  • johny

    Well tbh to you people that will pay are daft… Pay for some thing we were already getting free no chance.. I can ssee looads of people chaning to xbox if this becomes the case of having to pay. And as for them who say its sad that we all do is just sit in front of a screen. It beats bordem…….. And its just fucking with the ps3 cant watch movies online cant get on google or shit.!! Soon as i see i have to pay for online i will just trade my ps3 for xbox

  • KipLaird

    If Sony need to take some time, making sure all PS3 users are safe to continue using the FREE PSN, then i will gladly wait till the matter is resolved. Better Safe than Sorry, speaking from experience. So hopefully ppl will stop bitchin' n whining about not being able to play online and be thankfull Sony are taking care of it, and most importantly US, keeping us safe from these incipid 'lil freaks who can't get out of their Mom's basements.

  • KipLaird

    I don't see how paying for a service will make it any better.?!?!,
    Sony have ample funds and should invest them into the PSN, as we do already pay for it, by buying the games and peripherals for the PS3 anyway.
    Always been very pleased with the FREE online play,
    XBOX are quite frankly greedy leeches who will suck every last penny out of you for the fun of it. I got rid of my XBOX last year, not due to the RROD (lucky i guess), but, sheerly for the online play. I paid for a subscription, but i got HACKED from that and no matter how much complaining and venting frustration/anger to both Microsoft and my Phone Company.., i stil had to pay off the massive phone bill accrued from the little "Mother Trucker" that hacked into my account. cont…..

  • Tray Caddy

    I bought a ps3 cause it has better games and the online is free and great

  • kyle

    I wouldn't pay for psn. If I had to pay for anything then I would just play on my xbox. Xbox live has a billion more useful features than playstation network. The only reason I play on psn is because it is free. Im not a fanboy of either console. I own both but in the end xbox is much better.

  • zink

    I would pay ONLY if it included dedicated servers. This peer to peer crap has to go

  • steve

    To be absolutely honest a hardcore ps3 users like myself pay for add ons with almost every god dam title/game i or others purchase, the only thing really with a ps3 is your more in control in terms of spending on things in the store or in ps home unlike x box 360 you always have a set bill and yet more money coming out of your bank when we are paying for a regular internet sevice, alot of people on here are making alot of sense, at the end of the day im regular guy, with a regular job, that really if i had to pay more i just simply could not afford it, thats the reason i own a ps3 over a x box 360 anyday, why change something that works for more users then not, apart from this set back ps3 is a flawless console in more ways then 1, i am getting sick and tired of waiting and waiting and waiting just to sign in and seeing the same depressing message, just please please oh GOD please just sort this out sony, there is alot of loyal people to you sony how about a little bit back, omg i need a beer

    • James H

      I absoulty agree with you Steve, but it annoys me how people on these blogs start to have a go at each other or start bickering cause a consoles network wont work, seriously all im going to stay is grow up people, it's not the head of the world ok? All these rumors about skynet and a online sub all sound really silly to me, if Playstation do charge for the network, they are basically the people who have caused this little inconvience. Think on those things i have just said and you will see i am right. Yes i am a PS3 owner as well

  • luis

    sony u could do better its a shame

  • Jesse_longhair

    What the hell is wrong with you people? You sound like my kids with your whiney little boo-hoos. Big whoop, my ps3 won't get online either; ya know what I've been doing for a few days… it's the same thing I do every day; I do constructive things like going outside. The point of the matter is that Sony makes enough money off of you and me whether they charge for a membership or not. The only reason why this is such a big deal to begin with is that there are so many people in the world that have lost touch with reality and can only get their fix by looking into a screen. I'm not against gaming, hell I've been a gamer since my oldest brother brought home a NES, but at some point, you have to draw a line, when you are looking forward to a weekend just so you can play a game, or you get upset because you can't get online with EVERY device in your home, you've taken your past-time to the point of an addiction; we used to look forward to getting out of the house, people. One other thing, it doesn't matter whether you play a Wii, a PS3, or an Xbox, a gamer is as a gamer does… play games; why can't people who enjoy the same thing just get along in the first place? People are so cought up with which machine is better… ya know what, they are all equally as bad because they each have a hand in our pockets.

    • johny

      U know what it is were not all as old and rich as many people expect us to be.. Were young no money to do anything with what else can we do ? ? Go on us console play online against are friends its what people do… Id rather be seeing 1,000,000,000 of people getting a fix from a screen. Then rather a fix from a needle

  • John

    Wow so this is what has been going on with PSN? I thought it was just me? Oh well it's great outside. Who cares.

    People need to get a life and stop moaning about their system they probably don't even pay for every month for online play and when it comes down to it, rather paying every month for online game play? that's sad, I would rather play split screen with RL friends or offline. split screen is funner.

  • Gazza

    just because you pay for it does not mean it will be any better any server can be hacked into if they wonted to do it

  • BadMonkey

    This is of course assuming that money fixes everything? You can throw all the money you want at a shit sandwich and it will not miraculously turn into a strawberry cake.

  • smudge_88

    it should be sucure already ,without paying for it

  • Product Slag

    The whole point for not paying to use PSN is just that, not having to pay. If we did want to pay, we would have gotten an egg box. Ahem, I mean x box. Just because something is free, then doesn't mean Sony doesn't have to look after it. But yes, why doesn't a high traffic site try and get in contact with Sony. Have you tried that Product Reviews?

  • booshanker

    This is the first time in 2 years i have had any break in service from PSN and for a free service thats pretty good,Sony have no intention to charge for the PSN and this just stinks of the usual xbox sour grapes because your forced to pay for an inferior product on an inferior machine.

    • Lowry76

      I totally agree, I cannot remember when the psn had gone down for more than just routine maintenance, and yes for a free service that's supports 40 million more users than xlive. you've gotta hand it to sony the cost of running any network that size is not cheap, but there giving it away for free!

  • yamam

    would i fuck pay, is this how sony are playing

  • mystery man

    I think Sony is gonna fix this problem during the next few days. The maintenance was today comfirmed that it was caused by hackers [who have nothing better to do than to anger and upset millions of people]. Sony if you are a good company you will fix this problem.

  • DLD

    I would switch to xbox360 if we had to pay for the online. Xbox360 already has better games, and with there new system out there would be no reason to stay with sony if we had to pay to play.

  • robert

    i aint going to pay for playstation network when we get charged an arm and a leg as it is for broadband and games as it is and people who voted yes to pay it need there heads testing as this world charges us for everything already so why would you want more bills .. makes sense yh

  • kareem

    Are you crazy? we are already paying too much for the console, for the games who are ripping us by bringing on a new version every year. What about football that needs changing every year? Oh also all this advertisements should pay for the better PSN service.

  • Elliot

    I would not pay because it is already quite secure, and that is the thing that i like about the PS3, once you buy the console, you do not have to buy a lot of extra equipment for it like you do with the 360, like a wireless adapter, xbox live, play & charge kit etc.

    • Mr. Iammgai

      you dont need a wireless adapter, technically you dont need a play and charge, you can just get cheap batteries that have the same effect as any others.

      I'm not an Xbox fanboy, i used to have a PS3 and its for the reasons like this, that i moved to Xbox, It's alot more secure and if it did get hacked, they could get the system up and running in about a day..

      you say PSN is already quite secure? thats why it got hacked by the Anon group and hacked later on by a kid using his/her Iphone.. Poor sony poor..

  • kebab

    i dnt like ps3 im goin to move to Xbox.

  • jordan anslow

    can i just say the patience of all the people who have been affected by this has been brilliant but its really annoying that sony have not published this issue as to why this has happened, as far as i am concerned the quicker it is fixed the better very bored not being able to play online

  • James

    Everyone who voted yes has an Xbox for sure.

  • jake

    how long untill ps3 network will be on and by the way im not paying for playstation
    i paid alot of money for my ps3 and all i wanted is to have a nice time online with my freinds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SARGIE75

    This is a joke. So much so, I bought myself an XBOX. This will have a massive impact on Sonys already tarnished reputation.

    • Scorpiojim

      #1 You're a F'ng MORON!!! #2 For the sake of TRUE SONY Patrons STAY WITH X-BOX & Get RIPPED OFF YEARLY!!! PSN HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN!!! HACKERS on the other hand ARE LETTING ALL PS3 Online gamers down & SONY is working on PROTECTING US!!!! If they hadn't shut down OUR PS3's MIGHT BE COMPROMISED!!!! I don't enjoy not being able to play with my FRIENDS that I've grown pretty close to in the last few months who live around the world…..but I'll wait as long as it takes to be able to pick up where we left off if it means SAFE ONLINE GAMING!!!!! X-BOX is NO MORE SECURE THAN ANY ONLINE MEDIUM!!!!


    i wudnt pay, i dont mind psn ofline 4, 1 day but 4!!!!! comon man!
    if i had 2 pay i wud get each month only moths when's there is a holiday, so i wudnt be able 2 play mp COD on weekends, how much days it remains ofline even for a week i wudnt want 2 pay.

  • joe

    No i wouldn't, why should we pay just because of this, how is paying going to stop Playstation Network from being hacked in the future? They just need better defenses to hackers.

    • they mean if psn really upped there game and made the psn a better and more secure service would you pay for it like xbox? I doubt many people would honestly pay for it as it is now.

  • Areyouaperv

    Get it fixed Sony 🙁

  • bill

    this could very well be sony doing this themselves to try and justify charging now.

    • pancho

      Good point!! Instead of showing plans of how everything would be by paying a yearly fee, they might be just acting as the victim to do something stupid.