BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad 2, side-by-side confrontation

By Gary Johnson - Apr 23, 2011

The iPad 2 has been getting most of the headlines in the tablet market since it was released, but other manufacturers have their own offerings for consumers. Research In Motion has recently released the PlayBook. A couple of days ago we showed you a video of the device in action, but today we have a more interesting video.

An article on Phones Review has a video courtesy of Mobile Burn, which shows the two devices in aside-by-side confrontation. The video which you can see below has over twelve minutes of the devices in a side-by-side battle looking at various features of the tablets.

Some of the major features are compared which include gaming; multitasking and some other simple users interface features. We are not going to tell you how they compared, you will have to watch the video for that, but one thing that really stands out is the difference in size when you see the two tablets next to each other.

The PlayBook is likely to appeal to owners of BlackBerry cell phones, as the two devices can work well together. But is it worth having if you don’t already own a BlackBerry?

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  • 1. The BB Playbook has a faster Processor – True Multitasking is availible only on the Playbook
    2. The BB Playbooks Internet Experience is better than iPad due to the simple visualization of Flash
    3. The BB Playbook has almost the same resolution – but on a 7 Inch screen – thus sharper Visuals
    4. The BB Playbook is a true FULL HD Tablet – wether filming, camera or watching a movie.
    5. The BB Playbook has better Cameras – the front camera of the PB is better than iPads rear Camera

    And that’s because RIM cares about the quality of its products. It also gives consumers its best effort the first time – no holding off on features so that a product can “upgrade” far too frequently for the average joe’s wallet. RIM doesn’t overprice its products to create a luxury brand. RIM doesn’t attempt to spin a lifestyle from its products; it betters lifestyles that free-thinking consumers created for themselves.

  • James Katt

    Why tether a Playbook to your Blackberry when you can also tether the iPad to your Blackberry, just like the President does?

  • Lester

    @Richard. Please download the bridge software from My AT&T phone and playbook are doing the bridge thing really well. I'm not sure why your browser is having problems. I am doing well with the sites I have looked up, including ones my iPad won't do well. Yes, I do need some more specific business Apps but I think those will come soon. I do have 11 days more to make final decision, but I like the PB and hope I decide to keep it!

  • This guy does some of the best reviews.

  • Richard

    well, I finally got my BBP and called Best Buy to make sure if I opened the box and used the BBP, I could still return it for full refund…yes I could…..and YES, I AM RETURNING IT!
    I have had BB phones from 2008 on, incl. my BB 9700 Bold w/ all the latest updates, so I should have been able to "marry the Bold and the Playbook but AT&T network ain't gonna let that happen. I can't tether the Bold w/ Playbook, can't BB Bridge the Bold w/ Playbook, can't use email or BBM. The HDMI out on Playbook isn't compatible w/ HDMI cable to HDMI mini cable, so HDMI video is out! The browser on Playbook is NOT user friendly and alot of sites don't render even if the BBP has flash and HTML5. Netflix streaming isn't supported, Dishonline (Dish Remote Access) isn't supported, heck even Bank of America website doesn't work right on BBP. The list of apps installed on BBP is a joke, most are redundant! BB App World doesn't render well on the BBP. The only thing the BBP has going for it is the amazing resolution and the lighter, smaller dimensions (for portability)