PlayStation Network (PSN) down, blog silence causes debate

By Gary Johnson - Apr 22, 2011

Earlier today we told you that the PlayStation Network could be down for some time yet. We first reported about the problems yesterday morning after being contacted by some of our readers. The PlayStation Network has been down a while now, and the blog silence is causing some debate from PS3 users.

There has been no update on the official PlayStation blog now for two days about the ongoing issues, and many people are commenting on the blog and are pretty fed up with the downtime. There has been renewed speculation that Anonymous may have had something to do with the problems. This could go down as the worst downtime the PlayStation Network has seen so far.

Many PS3 owners are annoyed that Sony has not been updating them with what’s going on, and have only said it could take a day or two without giving a more accurate time scale. We have also received many comments from frustrated gamers wanting to play online.

We have had one reader who just purchased some online content for FIFA, before PSN went down. Many are frustrated as we now have the long Easter break to enjoy, but can’t access PSN. Whether this is the work of outside groups, it is extremely frustrating for the normal gamer who just want to enjoy their PlayStation 3.

Tell us what you think of this latest outage?

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  • Dark-Angle

    Anyone no what happens if u forget your password ?

  • Ibringdafunk

    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA faggots and there psn

  • riefferman

    I got a ps3 and an xbox….love online COD…addicted is more the word…if i cant play…i'm looking for other things/people to kill.. 🙂 always used PSN..Y? …its FREE…..but..!…now that i've unpacked the xbox..hired cod for xbox and paid the dam $10 for connection,,,,I'm starting ..(unfortunatly for PSN) to see the benifits of XBOX…..dont get me greatfull to psn for all the free gaming…….but…!…when u find that xbox has better servers, less game dropout (big issue with psn, right when your about to win) access to FOXTEL…demand or full packages…map packs available much sooner……
    It would be nice to see if PSN offers something other than a "sorry" to appologize to their…what have been uptill now…loyal customers…..maybe free gun pack for cod ? 😛

  • Harry Balls

    Get off the dam couch you lazy asses! Its spring and yet you sit there and bitch because you can't get online go outside and do something productive in society.

  • Bss

    Missing my online gaming but the weathers been so ace, I've been outdoors anyway.

    Besides if they need to sort things out for the better then its all good in the long run.

  • koda_zoe79

    all psn users should have been giving a heads up saying that the network is going to be down

  • Mauro nakada


  • Drox

    Yes the network being down
    May seem tragic but the main issue for some, including myself, is that there is no explanation to as why it's gone down for so long. Sony really needs to consider their customers in this and how many people in fact will switch to another console due to these communication or connection issues. To many people the extra money is not a factor and all it takes is a problem like this in which the company treats their loyal customers as if they're not important. Besides that there is little reason to be upset, the service is free and it's to be expected that a free service would take sometime to come back up; it's Easter weekend go outside and celebrate everything else our great mother earth has to offer.

  • Justinzane

    At least when Blizzard has some sort of downtime or problem, they update their blogs/forums/anything about every hour or 2. Not the crap Sony is pulling. "Might be a day or 2" is stupid for a large company as Sony. This just proves that they don't give a damn about their gamers. It really isn't a big thing to me as I own all the systems and such. But as a consumer that spends money on Sony stuff, they need to learn how to be a bit more open with their fixes. And stop being stupid.

  • rider

    i think ps3 is in asituation were thay have a problem and are fixing it so stop complaining

  • Bushido

    PlayStation for ever

  • shadz31

    Maybe its Microsoft hackers lol


    2012 IS COMING!!! D:

  • Nig

    so what happened to my post ? there was nothing wrong with it,

  • imat work

    Why don't you all just shut up and go play My Little Pony on the Wii?

  • Nig

    well as an ex xboxer and now on ps3 , to them that say they are going to xbox, well good luck cos i went through no end of machines , allways breaking down , load of cr£p , oh and dont forget your subscription fee,
    ps , xbox live goes down too 😉
    not to mention getting banned for days or weeks for no apparant reason sometimes.

  • Young B

    I dont use the PSN that much but when i do i like it to work this really sucks. 🙁

  • Possible Switch

    I have an Xbox at the moment, was literally just about to sell it and get a PS3 as most of my mates are on this system. Well i dont think im changing, if it is hackers dont expect it to stop after they resolve this.

  • Spike4248

    I think its odd that people would compare the Libya and Afghan situation to PSN network being down. I mean of course its not the same and by no means the end of the world but the PSN users aren't ( I guess on the most part) experiencing Libya or Afghan so I guess the PSN being down in our normal lives, which is unaffected by these crises', are going to be pissed (myself included) that not only is Sony's PSN down but they haven't issued an explanation. I was on the playstation website and couldn't find anything on there that admitted a problem. Its annoying because I moved away from the country I gre up in and my friends were all there but fortunately we all have a PS3 and COD: Black Ops so I get to talk to them almost evey day which is cool. But the last few days I haven't been able to do that. Again its no Libya or Afghan or Tsunami situation but its still pretty annoying considering its one of the few things that I wouldn't want to go wrong over the few days I've off for Easter. What did we do before online play haha

  • TradePS3 4 Xboxtoday

    screw it, I'm gonna trade in the ps3 with games, get the xbox elite, with Balck ops and Xbox live and i'll still have extra money in my pocket.
    Sony you are overrated, you really have to start offering something the competitors cant….but xbox offers stability. today I'm embarrassed to be a PS3 gamer, I have nothing but annoyance of the way you have handled things. We all understand that the network can be hacked or that you need to do extensive updates on the server and firewall but it really does nothing for the consumer if you stay silent,…. Absolute disgrace. Cant believe it has gone down on the easter break when most people finally have a few extra hours free to unwined, Instead we're all getting frustrated with the heat and more pissed off we cant enjoy some online game killin a few people with a nice beer in our hands!
    Well done anyway Sony, You have ocnverted one of your gamers and I really hope the rest of you consider it…£40 for Xbox live is under a days wages and does not deter me at all!!

    • Mike

      Mate, get a life.

  • gary

    i aint that bothered…. yer i'd ratherhave psn online but its like been 20 degrees outside sados get of your back side and get a hold of uself GET A LIFE

  • L.B

    I really do not understand why it is taking you nearlly THREE days to sort this out!! Am not the type of person to comment on these type of things, but this is starting to get a little stupid!! It would be nice if you kept giving up update’s. Sony you need to get your act together. And for all you retards that are saying you are moving on to “x-boxes” by all means go ahead…

  • Jesta213

    oh ok so lets all dwell on on everything else aye, i donate and care for them but i cant do much more so why not play blk ops all day!! and besides there probably pissed off too!

  • Craig thompson

    Oh my god are you people being serious? Look what's just happened in japan, what is going on in Libya and Afghanistan… And you lot think it's the end of the world because some network is down??? Get a grip and grow up and perhaps get off your backsides and do something different for a change!!

    • mark

      Go away. You're wasting your time on this. You obviously cared at some point you damn troll.

    • riefferman

      ok…so wat are u doing about…Japan, Afghanistan and libya…since you care so much and are obviously so much better than us because we play video games and you….what spend all your time commenting on thing u know NOTHING about….."oh my god are YOU serious"!! idot…..

  • Foskett

    It annoys me more that Sony havent explained why its gone down, they at least need to explain that. However like previous posts state we do get this service for free (apart from plus users like myself) so lets hope they fix this pronto!!

  • Liam

    four words: who the hell cares?
    there is such a thing as single player as well if you really don't want to go outside or read a book or watch a film or do something anyone else would do.. but no, you moan because you can't go codbashing online. Here's a secret: COD has singleplayer too!

  • LMX

    I`m pissed but some people really need to leave the house and get out more if psn being down is `the end of the world`

    • riefferman

      nah dude…not the end of THE world….just THEIR world…..but who are you to say its no more important … im sure it is to them..

  • Papenko

    whats going on in this world? First tsunami then you r crying for a couple of days without playing? Cmon, buy a dog th.

  • Gazza

    i have to say PR PRODUCT REVIEWS have been better keeping us up to date on this matter then you SONY you should be ashamed of your selfs is this what you reallt think of us after our loyalty to you NOT GOOD

  • dave in Texas

    how r they signing in to blog. i cant even sign in to

  • zaid

    i work 4 playsation network, people are hacking playstation so we are trying to stop but it will be up and running by tommorow or day after. Dnt go on you ps3 because it will cause problems such as ps3 smoking up. If u need eny questurns please email me at THANKYOU

    • caffman

      PMSL!!!!! Yes…of course you work for PSN

  • snowboardguru

    I knew I should have bought an XBox…

  • David

    Just play Wow lol

  • Willydog22

    its really getting annoying because most of my games are for online only like SOCOM and MAG, PSN you better get your act together.

  • oneUNhappycustomer

    Whatever the situation is… I have paid £300 for a games console and £30 plus for a couple of games…

    …with this in mind I expect the manufacturer to be open and honest with their customers and in times such as these provide regular updates as to what the hell is going on.

    Most company's have a dedicated Twitter / social networking team these days who regularly inform the customers when things like this occur. Sony, it seems, do not care about their customers enough to provide this service… and I believe that to be the biggest disgrace of all.

    No-ones blaming Sony for being hacked, but some honesty and some information would make this is a little easier to take.

  • Wolvorine13

    The hacker group Anonymous has been responsible for errors in the PS3 network before this. They claim that this time it isn't them but seriously, who would listen to or trust the word of a malicious hacker anyways? They claim to be on the consumers' side, causing heartache to Sony for how they use their content, but end up causing nothing but trouble for everyone with the PS3. Sony should tell its consumer what the problems are and approximately how long the outage will last. If anything, it would make the relationship between Sony and it's consumers a more proactive and positive one. Treating PS3 users as they have so far like mushrooms ( keeping them in the dark and feeding them bullshit) will have serious repercussions on Sony's ability to be a trustworthy platform for years to come. Gamers DONT forget issues like these.

  • TLLplayer

    Why are we assuming it's hackers? On various other forums the general opinion seems to be Sony's inauguration of STEAM,etc., and the load was too much. It blew. I don't understand the technical stuff, but I do understand what happens when you overload a circuit. (Ever try to run your microwave and your dishwasher at the same time on a 15 amp line?)

  • R700-_-Arr0W

    yes i agree but at the same side what about to night when they wont to stay up a little longer and play instead of reading a book but we gamers want to get on and support our consumers needs for YouTube i know people who have a 360 are going to play that right now but people who love the PlayStation Network don't like how Sony didn't warn us at all they could also use the money they have to get a better firewall if there hackers but still we would like at least the time to play with our friends out of state to so SONY please take in that we would love for PlayStation Network back on so please again and try to get it back on

  • steMKD

    i am realy pisses off because i brought network points and i have just been on my fifa11 on the laptop and all my network points have gone what can i do about it …?

  • dad

    I don't normally comment on such things, but I sure am enjoying the Easter break with my three kids. It's a sunny spring day on the east coast. We just came in for some lunch and to check the status of the network. I can't say that I'm sorry that they aren't staring at zombies so much today.

  • Sam

    If microsoft was targeted by hackers, they would be in the same boat. The only difference is, you would be paying for your down xbox live. PS3 owners aren't paying. Except for plus users. Anyway blame the stupid hackers, those who claims to be on the consumer side. The only thing they will cause is more security measures, more security updates, less content. That's not being on the consumers side. It's being an asshole.

  • st8

    didnt know the network was down, thought it was my ps3 so i cleaned my system thinkin it would then work, then found out its sonys fault. really annoyed lost all my trophies and everything else.

    • steMKD

      i did the same thing and i have just been on my fifa 11 on my laptop and all my network points have gone what can i do about it ….?

    • sjw

      you haven't lost your trophies, they're stored online with your psn i.d. you have lost all your game saves though,which is unfortunate.

    • Riefferman


  • A.J

    I came bak from school thinking i got a 4 day holiday so i could just chill and play online with friends and i see the error message. Now im fken pissed about the error. Just shows that some of might as well have gotten an XBOX 360. Sony im disappointed in you.

  • wally

    this is dumb plz get it up i wanna prestige

    • kayankeefan211

      Hopefully we get some double xp out of this disaster

    • koda_zoe

      black op or mw2

  • Kickuntheface

    This is crap sony needs to get their act together and at least tell their fans (assuming they still have any) what's going on and what they are doing to correct the matter.
    Ps. Sony buck up

    • psn down?

      its not sonys fault, they didnt know what was going to happen. although we havent really got any idea of whats happening and possibly sony is in the same place as us! ive heared that they where threatened a big attack( from hackers?) and thats why the psn is currently down( i think) all in all the its the hackers fault who ever they are, or is it?

  • ron

    Sucks big time

    • zaid

      sme on what ps3 or xbox

  • margulz

    Honestly I am very upset, pissed in fact. At the same time they have let us use the network for free since it became avaliable. So is it fair for us to be threatening them that we are going to buy 360's because of this. I sure the hell AM NOT.

    There are games that I bought strickly for the online content as did many of the PSN users, but with many of the games there are offline campains that can keep you busy. Yes, it isn't the same, but you can still play. I understand with the anger of some users that they have games that are strictly online, like Mag, SOCOM, or even one of the games that was just released.

    Well, I am sorry to hear that some of my fellow PSN users will take their gaming to another network(microsoft), but at the same time I'll be playing my games online for free while you will be paying for it. Sucks to be you guys!!

    • snowboardguru

      At least if it is a service you pay for, it might be a little more reliable…

    • bluedragon

      look i got 4 day holiday and sony taking 2 days maybe more? do you think this good time to maintaining?
      pls dont try to save sony . they dont give f..k about costumers even you and me .

      i dont play singleplayer, and no one cant force me to play single.

      how many times i have to update my ps3 in a year. and how many times xbox needs ?
      how long game installing takes on ps3 10 min? 15 min ?
      time is priceless. and sony you stealing our time.

      i payed more for ps3 than xbox. look at all multi games xbox is better.
      there alot more things to say but i cant make list right now
      end of day sony is mistake. and i wont do it again

    • Moobie

      They let us play for 'free' because the charge the game makers to use the online network..

    • Core

      i'm a little upset for being a Playstation Plus member…. 😀

  • jess

    lotsa down time for easter? thank the christians