PlayStation Network outage could be for a while yet

By Gary Johnson - Apr 22, 2011

We told you yesterday we were receiving reports of the PlayStation Network was down in some areas, but the problem seems to be a worldwide one and is still ongoing. Today we can report the PlayStation Network could be down for a while yet.

Jared Newman from PCWorld is reporting that the official PlayStation Blog is saying it may not be back up for a couple of days. Sony’s Patrick Seybold posted on the site and said “While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running”.

Earlier in the day a post on the PlayStation Blog in Europe stated the company was looking at involvement of “an outside party”, but this was later removed. Anonymous have also said they have nothing to do with the latest PSN downtime, and have recently said they would no longer target gamers in this way.

Hopefully Sony will be able to address the issue soon as the long Easter weekend gets underway, let us know if the PlayStation Network is still down for you.

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  • billy

    what is the PPPoE and why do i need to get that.. my PSN is still down and i dont know how to get it back up and running can someone please tell us step by step how to fix it.


    come on SONY when is there going to be a end to all this.I would put this on there blog but iv never been able to get onto to it it keeps telling me it's down but people are putting there comments on wierd.You answear most questions but you always seem to skip the most inportant one.

  • TiredHands

    Hell, at least i can still watch porn using the ps3.

  • brandin

    when it gets fixed they should upgrade there internet connection

  • david

    i just sold my x-box to go to ps3, man what a big let down this ps3 has been. im starting to think all my buddies were right, x-box is better,will be changing back shortly if this is the way ps3 does business

    • GAZZA

      David trust me when its back up your not be sorry that you dumped bad for good meaning x-box to ps3 you will start to realise how much money the x-box has been costing you from playing on line to some add ons and x-box had the same happen to them in 2008 so no one is perfect even microsoft get hacked.

  • George

    The fact that Sony won't keep us updated is beyond irritating. That shows a total lack or respect for the consumer. They care more about PR than keeping there loyal customers informed.

  • George

    The fact that Sony won't keep us updated is beyond irritating. That shows a total lack or respect for the consumer. They care more about PR than keeping there loyal customers informed.

  • jimmy

    this is fucking pathetic. fuck i might buy an xbox, itd be worth it there not run by stupid ass dipshits.

  • srendrag80

    Cmon this is killing me west coast over here and no psn yet whats the deal.


    I agree with every comment on here……you've said it all…..the only thing left for me to say is……*t, f**k, p*ss, co*ksucki*rg mother*uc*ers! Seriously………because of us, you've got unlimited cash…….so fix this shit!

  • Richard

    Checked my psn today and what a surprise it's still down. Sony fix this so called under maintenance today or tomrrow or sales will start dropping slowly and then if its not fixed sales of everything that falls under PS3 will hit an all time low/ loss of sales.

  • GEM

    god its so boring!!! got a long weekend off work and cant even go on ps3 its pethetic,sony shouldnt have let this happen in the first place.

  • GEM

    god its so boring!!! got a long weekend off work and cant even go on ps3 its pethetic,sony shouldnt have let this happen in the first place.
    still wouldnt go to xbox grapics are rubbish compared to ps3 and i would never pay as i already pay for internet why would i pay twice.
    com on sony get it back on today its a sunday most boring day of the week then to top it off its bank holiday monday even worse NEED MY PS3 I'M GOING OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!

  • gem

    I think every1 wud feel better if we just knew when it was cumin bck on why cant sony just tell us!!!get ur finger out

  • Gazza

    WHAT NO UP DATE AGAIN TODAY SONY this is a joke 4 days now and stll nothing

  • marqrules

    "External Intrusion"! Didn't Sony admit to shutting down network themselves? Sounds more like "Internal Extrusion" to me! Hey, just sayin'!

  • Olie

    I just bought a psn voucher for 25£ and im eager to spend it on Ultimate team

    But NO!!!!! The Psn has to be down

    all i wanna now is when its gonna be back up!!!!


    • sHARN

      yeah, i just brought a £25 card to for psh , was looking forward to using that.. great.

  • jamie

    hurry up and repair psn like how hard can it be seriously thinking bou buying an xbox now

  • Kbt

    Please repair ps network soon am at my wits end it's been two days already my xbox owning friends are taking the mickey out of me cos I stick with my playstation even though I own an xbox

  • William

    We are sorry Sony, we have leanrt our lesson, now give us our candy!

  • james

    hurry up sony im bored when is it going to be bck on james

  • voiceofcrube

    In no way, shape or form am i ever switching to Xbox because of this outage. 3 reasons …
    1. Pay to be online. Erm, no way! I already pay for my internet so i ain't paying twice…
    2, Cant get used to those stupid controllers with there wonky analog sticks
    3 Xbox sucks ass, Sony fan thru and thru. I still have my PS One and PS2.

    So c'mon Sony, get ure finger out and fix this situation quickly!!

  • lolmg

    I wanna know when the servers are gonna be back up. If they are reencrypting i understand it would take a while, but still… It's going to be the third day in another 18 hrs….

  • paige

    i believe that sony should get their shit together. there is no reason for this to be happening. i am an avid game player on the network. the fact is, this should not have happened in the first place. plus, their network was down for over 12 hours not even a month ago. this is pushing my patience with sony. Not that i would switch to their competitor, because paying for online is just ridiculous. Playstation owners shouldnt switch just because of the network fail. But playstation should fix the network problems faster, considering that they did just release many online play games. which also leads me to believe and outside party as the cause of this outage.

  • Mark

    Come on psn I jus switched from xbox live to psn and this happens the only time I get to play is the weekends and I can't get it together guys ur better than this

  • tigz22

    sony ps3 all tha way.. yea mayb sony has problems n ps3 slow to load up but its got best graphics n better features. all this hacking just makes future ps4 even better^^. get in there sony show em whos boss lol……….

  • omarzuvol_1

    Mortal Kombat tag-team online king of the hill. Mortal Kombat tag-team online king of the hill!!

  • mark,wolvo

    hurry up or i might have to start talkin to the wife!!!!!!

  • paul

    come on playstation network lets get it back on again some gaming time being missed paul leicestershire

    • Gary

      Yes come on playstation this is a JOKE now what are you paying theses people for

  • robert

    i hope it get's solved 2day or 2mrw

  • Abbie

    Down for us they no longer have a error code and just say its down for maiintance

  • Stuart

    yup still down for me (Manchester area) UK

  • Hugo

    Still down.

  • imran

    my psn is down im bored so just fix init i might move to xbox

  • Anonomous

    My online cut out just as i purchased a pack on fifa ultimate team. When i went on the online site, i noticed my budget was down and i didnt get any of the items from the pack. I JUST LOST 25,000 ULTIMATE TEAM: NOT HAPPY

  • GARY

    22.4.2011. I'm from linconshire uk and at 8.30 this smorning the ps3 network was still down this is no common shut down this is more like damage controll from others.This is not the first time use LOYAL gamers have had to suffer and i sirpose its not going to be the last we have been let down again and again.

  • john darby

    this is not on got a long weekend off work and pland to spend it on red dead redemtion well dats owt ov the window we shud all get compo 4 it its just not on at all

    • john darby

      ok tanks

    • Kaleem

      Ah wel…Im in birmingham, and its still the same error. I've lent my Fifa 10..and I've only got modern warfare 2 and a multiplayer only game. Im really annoyed at Sony, just fliping let us online! Please..your losing money, we've been loyal to I will bloomin' sell my 1200 pound computer..just put on psn again! I want to have fun with my friends, go on mw2, and just play!Xbox would never do this..its a complete joke.