The iPhone Tracker: Apple are still watching, Consumers Still Unaware

By Alan Ng - Apr 21, 2011

In most people eyes, the iPhone is an indispensible item that most consumers cannot live without on a daily basis now, but how many of you are aware that Apple still holds a hidden secret inside the device which exposes all of your travel data without you knowing about it?

Although not a completely new issue, it has been discovered that the iPhone secretly tracks all of your location data and stores it on the device inside a few encrypted files that can be viewed on a computer whenever a user backs up his or her data.

This worrying issue has been analysed by Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden who are security researchers. To show the effects of this location tracking in detail, they created an app called ‘iPhone Tracker’ which will let you see just how Apple stores this information on your device and it lets you see just what you’ve been up to on your iPhone travels.

This is obviously a big privacy problem, as we’re guessing the average iPhone user has no idea that your location data is being stored secretly on the device. It’s probably located somewhere in the smallest fine print on Apple’s iOS documents, but thankfully this iPhone Tracker App has made things a lot more public.

How many of you were already aware of the iPhone’s secret tracking abilities? You can find out a lot more about this over at Digital Life, you can also watch some sample videos on the iPhone Tracker website here.

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  • Jon Collins

    I've nothing to hide. Lets hope the extremist nutters use iphones.

  • C O Pippin

    The locations recorded by my iPhone don't appear to be particularly accurate. My holiday to Spain is completely missing, as is my trip to Scotland and I seem to have been to parts of England that I have never been to, let alone visited during the time my iPhone started recording my location. How much use this inaccurate information is to Apple is a mystery. It could however get many people into serious trouble if any suspicious employer or spouse did believe the information presented. The data is sufficiently inaccurate so as not to be any use in determining the iPhone's current or recent location so is at best misleading and worse just plain wrong.