PSN down in some regions, are you affected?

By Gary Johnson - Apr 21, 2011

We have had some of our readers contacting us and saying they cannot access the PlayStation Network, and it seems that it is down in some regions around the world.

According to the EU PlayStation blog a message has been posted via twitter which says “PSN is currently down for maintenance. We’ll update you with timeframes as soon as we can.” At the time of writing we think the problem is affecting the United States and Europe.

The official line is planned maintenance but could have Anonymous restarted their campaign against Sony? The group did say before they would stop hitting gamers with attacks on the PlayStation Network, but could have changed their tactics.

But it could be because Sony is strengthening security for the service due to previous attacks by Anonymous. Normally when Sony plan to work on the PSN service they give advanced warning, so it could be a round f fresh attacks.

Is the service down in your area? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Joshgrzybowski

    Down in Michigan

  • Steven Halvorson

    Down in Wisconsin. Virginia out also.

  • Smithpb611

    NC -DOWN

  • gouchebandit

    down in stl

  • gouchebandit

    down in stl

  • truegamer

    psn is down in county down n,ireland.

  • truegamer

    psn is down in county down n,ireland.

  • Bertdavet

    down in cinci ohio

  • Day Off

    Psn is down in Cali…. U.S.

  • John9112

    its down nj

  • HELP

    Its down in the philippines since arriving here, does this country have PSN in the first place?

  • affy G

    down here in my cave with binny L aka bin laden

  • Jack

    It should be back on today.

  • Paul

    Its down everwhere!

  • PSN / SE

    Playstation network is Down in Sweden

  • Puzzle1501

    I've been having issues with PSN for about 5 days now. It was working on and off on 4/20, then the next day I try to get online but it wouldn't let me. I live up in Northen NY. But it makes me wonder. After reading all the previous posts on here. Was PSN down all at once? Or was it a region by region thing? Reply if you have any info. It would be very appreciated.

    An Avid Gamer

    • MR.X

      PSN has actually been down since Wednesday morning. It is now Monday. And my guess is we would be LUCKY to get it back by this Wednesday. I for one don't blame the hackers. I blame Sony's "SECURITY" or lack thereof. It's not exactly like Sony is a small corporation. And the fact they weren't better prepared for something like this is a joke. And of course Sony has been keeping their customers in the dark with any ETA ,and have shown NO remorse to the point to where they have not even issued an apology…or even a statement to the HUNDREDS of posts I've read of people concerned about their account/credit card info. Sony just does not give a shit about their customers, and it really shows through their arrogance.

    • Boris Wackerbelly

      I went down early 4/20. I last logged in around 10pm 4/19. I'm in Mid-Western Ontario

  • Danny

    up in Ireland ha ha just joking

  • Marc

    I don’t really get why Sony with 70 million users elected to make PSN a free service, While I think more than $40 a year for XBOX is fairly expensive compared to PSN it still doesn’t seem that bad. Don’t get me wrong Sony’s PS3 failure rate like all Sony hardware tends to be under 2% in 3-5 years while Microsoft XBOX fail rate (google it) in 3-5 years is about 90% plus (im not joking) due to “red rings of death” – same problem after several years for all xbox owners. How could Microsoft make a more reliable anything that Sony with numbers like that? Sony has never been a cheap brand, and now yet with PSN they make Sony appear like the cheap brand for losers with no money.

    THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Sony should be free to charge as much as they want for redundancy, security, DDoS responsiveness and backup systems. They should be able to compete with Microsoft in terms of network responsiveness and reliability overall Microsoft’s XBOX failure rate is a freaking joke and so currently is Sony’s knowledge of networking and revenue to support PSN. AGAIN SONY HAS NEVER BEEN A CHEAP BRAND AND SHOULD CEASE TO FUNCTION THIS WAY FOR LOSERS WITH NO MONEY.

  • rangtang

    it's down in geelong Victoria :/ fix it already

  • Misenta (psn name)

    still down in Northern Illinois

  • Nike 6.0

    Down in the U.K as well. Hope it gets sorted soon!

  • Alex

    down in toronto , CA

  • Mike Hunt

    PSN is down and has been down for the past few days due to Hackers attacking the PSN and the PSN store.

  • thatguy1414

    Been down in washington for almost 4 days.

  • Rolle

    We are sooooo screwed, Sony have Easter hollyday and dont care shit about customers.

    I hate Sony PS3 sooooo mutch, i whish all PS3:s will stop working forever so i can go on with my life.

    /Hate PS3

  • Alexd

    Been down in the U.K for days now

  • JSolars

    Down in NY. Guys, any word from Asia?

  • Dani

    Down since 21/4 in Australia Sydney

  • Sweden

    Down in Sweden too

  • iHATEtheXBOX

    In The uk Buckinghamshire 2Days NO WAY ohh well im going out on my GO KART xD add me iffffff youuu
    Want in xLGCY_xD

  • john

    its not down for me. But i cant even find a match in black ops… caymen islands.

  • paul

    this is gone on too many times we pay good money to buy a ps3 and this happens alot. xbox dont seem to have this many problems i am thinking of getting rid and going on xbox.

  • naomitch

    down in hongkong..

  • babagonoush

    Down in sweden 🙁

  • Boom

    NY down

  • claire

    yes been down all last night and today in yorkshire uk

  • moe

    i carnt sign in over here too in Nottingham England UK ill go lick a door off in a minute take a niggas a xbox rags snm odt hold tite all the hmp mandem sweatting on this summers day

  • cici

    totally down in sweden

  • Ange

    Yep it's down over here in Western Australia as well I'm getting over this but has anyone noticed if it's not any work been undertaken on the network but hackers buggering around maybe they might still be able to access the network and just molest everything on there to suit their own needs…. Get this fix SONY as quick as possible………

  • pedro

    down for me Houston TX

  • Paul

    i live in australia its being down for like 12 hours now !

  • tom

    toronto too

  • Rico

    I'm in New York & I wasn't able to sign on either.Been tryin' since 2am this morning.It kept givin' me error code 80710102 & sayin' I was signed out from the PSN

  • Adil Sultan

    Yaa i tried last night and this morning, its dowwwn 🙁 this sucks what am i supposed to do? im on spring break!!!

  • BeeJee

    I can't play my netflix, when will this be fixed?

  • BeeJee

    Down in Griffin,GA.

  • stankydankyman

    its down in tennessee too

  • guest

    Down in Tampa,FL as well this sucks:(

  • Drew

    Its down in Texas aswell

  • blake

    down in Michigan, US since approximately 3 or 4am EST

  • Kielboz

    Down in Tampa, Fl

  • jesse

    yeah me too a little upset for the short notice to be waking up not being able to play called every one and they could not get on either San Diego,califonia

  • Chris

    Downm in Ontario Canada

  • Sam

    It seems hackers could be behind the PSN outage and not maintenance. This is getting ridiculous, they say they're on OUR side but then, how the f*ck is preventing me from playing any online game is being on my side? I don't know why Sony stopped legal action against hackers, probably cuz they are scared of them. They don't seem to stop so Sony shouldn't stop hunting them until they're all bankrupt or in jail. I really don't get how a company earning over 80 billion a year is failing so hard to protect their online services. Are those "engineers" such a bunch of useless morons? Maybe they should consider hiring a bunch of hackers and paying them to defend against those threats.

  • faceyoung

    I'm in Costa RIca and it's been down since yesterday.

  • David C.

    Down in Canada too. sucks.

  • Hanna

    My cousin and I have been trying to connect. Our PSN has been down since last night. Los Angeles, CA

  • James Jammison

    Its been down for me since I first tried it today, over 12 hours ago. Also the sony forums seem to be down as of a few hours ago.

  • Jesse

    yup its Down In Oxnard,CA tried it around 10

  • Gordo

    Network is down in Missouri also as of 10:20 AM central time.

  • King

    Maryland 🙁

  • benjg

    down in wisconsin too.

  • Legallobster

    Psn has been down all day in here too.. and i live in Southern Finland. This is really weird..

  • Legallobster

    Psn has been down all day in here too.. and i live in Southern Finland.

  • Nicolaj Moller

    denmark too

  • felipe

    its down in CT

  • Joe

    Houston, TX. United States. Been down since last night. Almost 12 hours now.

    • asfasdf

      Its been downl

  • dave

    yea been down all morning , circleville,oh.
    i think i will get on my xbl , much better service, psn is always down.

  • amanda

    well my ps3 is done and it is 10 am here in hamilton, ontario canada

  • janac3

    yep it's down.I'm in NEW YORK CITY. This sucks!!!

  • Vencel

    in Hungary too :S

  • Vencel

    psn is down too in Hungary :S

  • Cody

    Down here in Weston, WI since April 20th around 10pm?

  • thankgodforpcgames

    Psn has been down for me since around 11pm eastern time.
    I'm in South Bend, Indiana.

    • miles

      same. i live in south bend and its out.

  • Sam

    PSN is out everywhere in the world for maintenance. No word on when it's gonna be back. It is really annoying how they just shut down without a warning, during the day. Can't they do that during the night?

  • chris

    down here as well USA

  • Brad

    Down in Australia as well.

  • yorkylinc

    i live in the uk and mine has been down all morning 🙁 hope its back on soon so i can play mw2 with my mates. is this problem for everyone in the uk or just me because im gettin stupid error codes. my internet connection test says my internet is fine but my psn network account is failed

  • bahraini

    its even down here in the bloody middle east !!

  • Tom

    Down here in Saskatchewan Canada, these hackers have got to realize that us honest users just want the cheaters off. If they could do something about that they would have more fans. LET US PLAY!

  • Martin

    Down in Holland.. At least for 4 hours now..

  • Tony

    Me too in San Diego CA.

  • Mike

    Down in Detroit Michigan.

  • Guest421

    Down in Northern California.

  • TipTheScales

    Down in South Africa at the moment =

  • colleen

    Yep down in Torrance ,CA. 🙁

    • Adam

      down in SC D:

  • Paul

    Been down in UK all morning

  • tommy

    yeh my psn is down, i tried it 30 mins ago turned of then turned it back on to see if it was my network,but nothing.i live in belfast northern ireland in the uk…..psn must be down then.