Inspirational Facebook Stories: When Social Media Shines

As most of you will probably now realise, online social networking website Facebook has become a lot more than just a place to chat and view what your friends are up to on a daily basis. Facebook has also become a very effective tool for locating lost loved ones or using the website to gather important information, which is why we now have a list of some of the most inspirational Facebook stories so far.

One such story actually saved somebody’s life, and it was all down to Facebook. That story belongs to Jeff Kurze as his wife took to the Facebook website to search for a kidney donor after being told by doctors he would have to wait around five years to get one. Thanks to Facebook, a user by the name of Ricky Cisco replied to his wife and successfully offered him a transplant and the rest is history.

Facebook is also a great tool for reuniting people back together, and countless inspirational stories involve individuals who have used Facebook to find family members who they havent seen for a long time, in some cases never before! One example is Ethel Frederickson who was kidnapped and separated from her family at a young age. After 40 years of not knowing who her family were, she located her birth certificate with the names of her real parents, and then used Facebook to find out where they were. Luckily for her, the search did the trick and they were reunited soon after.

There are many more inspirational Facebook stories that you can read over at TheRandomForest. If you have a story to share with us, leave us a comment below as we’d love to hear if you used Facebook in a similar experience.



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