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Translate Fifty Languages Instantly Using iPhone Camera

A new iPhone app is now available to help you with those language barriers. Worldictionary will translate fifty languages instantly by using the iPhone camera.

No need for typing in those words or phrases you see on signs, just use the iPhone camera and the text will translate on the front of the screen. The Worldictionary 1.0.0 app for the iPhone has the power to visualize thousands of words on any background.

Penpower Technology Ltd the makers of the top selling business card scanning app, and award winning Worldcard Mobile are thrilled to be announcing the release of Worldictionary for the iPhone.

Translate from 9 different languages to over fifty other languages with the use of translating services on Google. From any surface, the instant portable translator will recognize text from books, recipes, street signs, and restaurant menus in just a few seconds.

Worldictionary also has the capabilities of a thesaurus and dictionary. For more information on a word take a photo, highlight the text and the synonyms, phonetics, etymology and informative extras will become available to you.

The application has a bookmark mode to keep certain words in a virtual dictionary for you to customize your own accessible information, even if you are offline. You can use an image from your gallery to translate text from a photo.

The Worldictionary app translates from 9 different languages using German, Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.

This app still gives you the option to type in any word for instant translation. Just view and translate with the Worldictionary 1.0.0 app for the iPhone. For more on this visit the App Store.



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