Portal 2: Amazing Review Scores, but Gamers Not Happy on Metacritic

By Alan Ng - Apr 20, 2011

Portal 2 is already available to buy in the US and if you have read some reviews for the game, you’ll know that the game has received fantastic reviews, with many publications giving Portal 2 a perfect score. However, this is contrast to what some gamers are saying about Valve’s long awaited sequel.

While it’s a known fact that many gamers wait until they read reviews from respected publications such as IGN and Eurogamer, it’s also a common fact that Metacritic scores have the final say on the game, and for those who are yet to pick up Portal 2, you may be in for a shock.

The current Metacritic score stands at 7.2 for the game, but the amount of negative reviews pouring in may be cause of concern for you. At the moment, there are almost 180 negative reviews for the game, with gamers stating that the full package isn’t worth the money, with some gamers even calling it a ‘minigame’ and a Valve ‘cash shop’.

A lot of the criticism seems to be pointed at the fact that the game’s single player campaign only lasts around 4 -5 hours, depending on how fast you play through it. The following user review seems to reflect the general mood following the game’s US release:

”This game is not worth the hype at all. The way Valve has been pushing this I was expecting the second coming of Christ but instead I got a niche, 4 hour long minigame. Worst of all is the cash shop… as if the $45 price tag for the game alone isn’t enough. ”

What are your thoughts on this? For those of you who have already played it, are you disappointed as well with the final result? We’re hoping a few of you are going to stick up for Portal 2 so we hear both sides of the argument, because at the moment – it doesn’t look good for Valve.

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