Portal 2: Amazing Review Scores, but Gamers Not Happy on Metacritic

Portal 2 is already available to buy in the US and if you have read some reviews for the game, you’ll know that the game has received fantastic reviews, with many publications giving Portal 2 a perfect score. However, this is contrast to what some gamers are saying about Valve’s long awaited sequel.

While it’s a known fact that many gamers wait until they read reviews from respected publications such as IGN and Eurogamer, it’s also a common fact that Metacritic scores have the final say on the game, and for those who are yet to pick up Portal 2, you may be in for a shock.

The current Metacritic score stands at 7.2 for the game, but the amount of negative reviews pouring in may be cause of concern for you. At the moment, there are almost 180 negative reviews for the game, with gamers stating that the full package isn’t worth the money, with some gamers even calling it a ‘minigame’ and a Valve ‘cash shop’.

A lot of the criticism seems to be pointed at the fact that the game’s single player campaign only lasts around 4 -5 hours, depending on how fast you play through it. The following user review seems to reflect the general mood following the game’s US release:

”This game is not worth the hype at all. The way Valve has been pushing this I was expecting the second coming of Christ but instead I got a niche, 4 hour long minigame. Worst of all is the cash shop… as if the $45 price tag for the game alone isn’t enough. ”

What are your thoughts on this? For those of you who have already played it, are you disappointed as well with the final result? We’re hoping a few of you are going to stick up for Portal 2 so we hear both sides of the argument, because at the moment – it doesn’t look good for Valve.


  • justsomewalker

    i agree that the price is high and hope 4 some free dlc like some challenge maps and more co op. i also hope to be geting tons of hours of mod content for free

  • Niallo

    What, would they rather a crap game thats 20 hours long or a great game that is 4 hours long?

  • Paul

    Actually, there have been quite a few complaints being mentioned:

    – Outdated graphics (It is using an old engine
    – Stale Game Play (Nothing that new or original)
    – Short story (for such a high priced game)
    – Limited Co-op
    – No multiplayer.

    All of the above, coupled with the fact that some fans seemed upset that they are charging you around $80 to download all the other content. I understand this complaint to the extent that if you wanted everything that comes with this game you have spent in excess of $135.00 for a 5-7 hour game.

    I think some are even more angry if they purchased the Potato Sack package and have paid even more for a few hours early release of the PC game on steam.

    I don’t begrudge anyones feelings for the above. I personally will not spend $59.99 for a console game that gives me less then 10 hours of enjoyment, but for those that don’t mind, enjoy!

  • Me B25atron Yes

    Agree with your man above. I havent played the full game yet, got to wait till Friday in Uk for it but I have to say it is surprising to see people giving the game 0/10 on the basis of DLC. If you dont like it dont buy it and play the game. You dont even have to look at the store!

    And as for a 4 hour game. I dont think so, if you really explore AND SAVOUR THE EXPERIENCE I bet it runs at about 7-8 hours like most critics say. If you trash almost any game you could say it was short, any CoD game is possible to complete in 4 hours and even Fallout 3s main quests could be completed in 10 if you focus on main story and dont explore!

  • Xaq Read

    I posted my own review on MetaCritic, giving it 10 out of 10. And why not? Unlike many gamers I am judging the game itself rather than the DLC and ARG. People forget this is not about rating Valve and their money grabbing techniques as of recent but instead about rating what is one of the best games I have played in a long while. This is the game of the year, if something beats it I will be shocked.

    Dont listen to the negative reviews, focus on the critics. They are right, they know what they are talking about here. The negatives are trolls who are judging the game for what it is NOT. Thanks.


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