Motorola Droid Bionic Release Date Delay, Due to CES Feedback

By Jamie Pert - Apr 20, 2011

In a previous post we bought you news about the Motorola Droid Bionic, which had its release date held back. Now we can reveal that the reason for the delay appears to be because of the feedback received at CES.

SlashGear say that the delay will allow Motorola to make enhancements to the device as a result of the feedback that was given at CES, which makes us think that the Droid Bionic was not up to standard when experts got their hands on it.

A Motorola spokesperson said “Based on compelling feedback since [CES], we are incorporating several enhancements to make this an even better consumer experience.” We do not know whether the Consumer Electronics Show found faults in the phone or whether they suggested that it needed more refinements, however the problems must have been pretty substantial to cause such a delay.

At the moment there is no word of when the device will be released and also no way of knowing what Motorola intend to add to it in order to make it a ‘better consumer experience’, however it has to be said that in the long run the frustrating delay is better than Motorola releasing a sub-standard smartphone.

Will you wait for the Motorola Droid Bionic?

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  • No Phone verizon

    Hey Jamie Pert….how about hiring a 5th grader to proof read your articles before publishing them?
    In a previous post we bought you news… much did it cost you??
    SlashGear say that the delay will allow …….they be sayin dat????
    "At the moment there is no word of when the device will be released …………….frustrating delay is better than Motorola releasing a sub-standard smartphone."…….Wow…..can you also say that in one breath???? Single sentence…….nice !
    I wish it was just this article. In the article titled "Apple iPhone 5 Release, No 4G LTE a Dealbreaker?" I wish to congratulate you on a record 7 paragraphs in only 7 sentences…….it simply makes your article look quite amateur….good content with awful presentation.
    I like your articles…..the topics are relevant and informative…..get it together dude !

  • BobD

    Still have the Droid I bought the first day it came out in Nov 2009. The two apps that have really extended the life of my phone are the Swype keyboard and Juicedefender, which now allows me to get through the day with my tired, old battery. The only thing that drives me nutz is the 256 MBs of storage, which would not be an issue if app developers would allow their apps to be stored on the SD card where I have plenty of room.

    I can still quiet the iPhans with home screen news and FB widgets, one-button call icons, and Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation. I couldn't live without multi-tasking, but it's slow; I watch Juicedefender max out the CPU all the time….

  • Happy Verizon user

    Still very happy with my X. Patiently waiting for the Bionic. DIE APPLE!

  • JeffP

    I was anticipating the Bionic coming out the end of April. If true, Motorola is doing the right thing by fine tuning the phone before it is released. Originally I was going to get the TB but that really took too long to hit the market, so I decided to wait for the Bionic. I don't know why anyone who likes Android would ever think of getting an Iphone instead. I'm sure everyone who is waiting for the Bionic will have them soon enough so we can start to blog abouit the next generation of cell phones. I just hope they release the web dock at the same time.

  • Ryan

    it took me a liitle while to snap out of it but there are children starving in this world and people getting killed in wars so I probably shouldn't be that upset but i was so jazzed about the motorola droid bionic i lost my mind, so sorry i'm better now and will wait patiently like the rest of you 🙂

  • Mel Snow

    Like a lot of people, I've been waiting for the bionic. I wish motorola would man up and just tell us when it's coming. If it's not until the end of June, July, or august, then ok. Just let us know. I hate that motorola won't officially say something. I know they want to keep anticipation up, but this is ridiculous. Some customers are going to get frustrated and go buy an iPhone or Thunderbolt.

    P.S. Verizon should have waited on the release of it's 4G LTE network until more compatible phones were ready for the market.

    Just my thoughts.


  • Cooby-Doo

    Yes lets all be disappointed with Motorola for wanting to put out a device that the general public will really have something to bitch and gripe about.
    Why not get angry at Verizon for always being behind the power curve when it comes to top of the line phones.

  • MegaCynic

    From the articles in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters it sounds as if the "Bionic" will be a different phone (different 'form factor' changed internals and different specs.) than the Bionic shown at the Consumer Electronics Show. I'm glad they are going to keep the "Bionic" name, even though it's a different phone

  • D.K.

    Ive been waiting a LONGGGGG time for the Bionic. I completely disappointed with Motorola. I might have to start looking for a different phone….its all B.S.!!!

  • Birbal

    F this, I'm going to get an iPhone instead.

  • Sickowaitin

    Been waiting and waiting… gave it up and got the Thunderbolt this week. Really wanted the Bionic but sick of using my tired blackberry and at this point very happy i gave up the wait for the fantasy phone..

  • Ryan

    I am so sick of waiting already and if your gonna call yourself bionic then at least perform like it right so I get the delay but come on already lets go. If you have to make a little thicker so what, I would rather have 1gig of ram then 512meg and I want a weptop with that too, I'M WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm a little skeptical about the Galaxy S II coming and the X2 being 4g. It's just now getting going everywhere else and last time the CDMA version came last. I just don't think we'll be seeing it that quickly.

  • theOne

    Bunch of bull**** from Motorola … pretty convenient that Verizon leaks that they are going to a tiered data plan, then iPhone delays their release to a date after the rumored Verizon change, now Motorola follows suit. Just a way to keep the number of customers grandfathered in to unlimited plans at a minimum. Unethical garbage!

  • MadMax

    I'm a year into my upgrade and I was waiting for this phone. However, with the upcoming release of Charge, I'm going to get that instead.

    • tristan

      yea but the charge is going to be 300 instead of the norman 200

  • sad verizon user.

    soo upset! i've been waiting for this phone since january!