Mortal Kombat 9 Fatality Moves Guide, Kombat Kodes and Unlockables

By Jamie Pert - Apr 20, 2011

Recently we posted an article which showed you all of the Mortal Kombat fatalities on video, now we thought that some of you would like to know how to perform these fatalities yourself, we recently came across a great put together by Laccard Zimone.

The guide shows you how to perform every Mortal Kombat Fatality for every character, not only this but it tells you all you need to know about Kombat Kodes and Unlockables.

Before attempting to perform any of the fatalities you must know about the ranges needed to perform the fatalities, 5 ranges are listed these are: Touch (adjacent to you opponent), Punch (roughly one or two steps away), Sweep (roughly five steps away), Jump (When touching the opponent, jump back once) and Fullscreen (when you are on the opposite side of the screen to you opponent).

Now that you know the ranges needed you should check out the guide for a full list of fatalities, all of which can be seen here. Once you have mastered the fatalities you can also try out some of the Kombat Kodes (also listed on the link) and also read up about the game’s unlockables, we strongly recommend checking out the link if you have purchased Mortal Kombat 2011.

Are you struggling with any of the fatalities? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • omar

    how do you enter the kombat kode or do you even enter it ??

    • Guest

      Enter them with your action buttons, for xbox, the Y, A, X buttons.

  • Bernard

    What is Kombat Kode ? I dont can tell me ?

  • taz

    how do unlock the locked fatalities?

    • Guest

      look them up online. They will be unlocked once you perform them.

  • Charles Bronson

    yep hold block.. any real mortal kombat player from back in the day knows that

  • Dan

    Hey dude, Hold block the whole time, then let go before you hit the last button. It will keep you from jumping, and doesn't affect the fatality.

  • Scytheout

    Hold block when you hit jump it works

  • Maelun

    Some of the fatalities require you to hit the "jump button"(aka up on the d-pad), this is frustrating. I always seem to just jump, and throw the sequence off. Any tips? A prime example of this is Ermac's fatality.

    • rashjah

      hold block whill pushing the direction sequence.

    • Buttaboi

      Hold "Block" while performing the Fatality sequence, release "Block" before entering the last move of the sequence… This should eliminate jumping while trying to perform a fatality that requires you to push "up" on the D-Pad. Hope this helps…

    • Nofate301

      Hold block when entering the movement commands.

    • Jason

      Hold the block button down until it is time to hit the action button that finishes it. It DOES work. I have been playing MK for years. I always had trouble with it as well.