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iPhone 5: New Specs Rumors Suggest 12.6MP Camera and 1080p Video

Earlier on we brought you an indefinite confirmation that the iPhone 5 would be out in September rather than Summer due to a fresh report from Reuters. Now we have some more specs rumors to tell you about, and it’s pretty exciting if it turns out to be true.

Fresh reports are suggesting that OmniVision, a company which has previously supplied Apple with rear camera sensors have produced a new camera sensor, one which is meant to be a 12.6MP sensor and have support for 1080p video recording, according to this report from Redmond Pie.

According to the report, no company has placed an order for this new camera sensor yet, but obviously with the iPhone 5 now likely to release in September, there’s plenty of time for this to change. How amazing would it be if Apple upgraded their 5MP iPhone with a 12MP iPhone – it really is mouthwatering stuff.

The report above also suggests that Apple may ditch OmniVision in favor of choosing a camera sensor manufactured by Sony, but hopefully this isn’t the case. As soon as we get more details on this rumor, we’ll let you know.

Do you think it is likely that Apple will bring a 12MP camera to the iPhone 5, or is this merely pipe dreams?



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