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iOS 5 Multitasking Teaser shown on White iPhone 4

We have some pretty exciting news to bring all Apple fans now, as it seems as if an early version of iOS 5 or even an unreleased version of iOS 4 has found it’s way into the wild – captured and previewed on a White iPhone 4 over in Vietnam.

Once again, this information has surfaced from Tinhte, as reported from 9to5Mac. Tinhte by the way, is the same blog which revealed a brand new video of the unreleased Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 earlier on this week.

However, they’re back again with some brand new videos showing of a new expose style multitasking feature which definitely hasn’t been seen on any iPhone device yet. Unlike a double click on the current iOS which brings up the multitasking menu on the bottom of the iPhone, a double click shown in the video reveals a brand new interface which takes up the entire screen.

It looks pretty slick visually, and looks like a much more efficient way to manage your apps compared to the previous method. Another video shown below reveals a brand new folder interface as well, so the questions on our minds are as follows:

Is this the real thing here, or just a clever mod on a jailbroken device. If it is the real thing, is this an early look at some of the new features which will be coming in the highly anticipated iOS 5 update? Take a look at the videos below and let us know your thoughts on them. Do you like the new multitasking interface or not?


  • Nomadic83

    why is apple always so far behind the times… this is how Multifl0w and the other jailbreak multitask tweaks have worked for years


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