iMac stock low ahead of possible refresh?

By Gary Johnson - Apr 20, 2011

Last month we told you of a rumor that the latest version of Apple’s iMac was on route to the US. Today we have news that current iMac stock is low ahead of a possible refresh. This is similar to what happened recently before the release of the iPad 2 and MacBook Pro update.

Mark Gurman from 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that they have been told by three sources in different countries, that iMac supplies are running low. These include an Asian country and the US. They have been supplied with a screen shot that shows all four iMac models are “constrained”, and there is no date for any new shipments.

Sources in the US have also stated that iMac deliveries are also very tight, and it isn’t restricted to just iMacs, as components are also constrained. The hardest to get hold of at the moment are hard drives and graphics chips. This could also point to an iMac refresh shortly.

We have spoken before that the next iMacs could have Sandy Bridge processors, and the new Thunderbolt technology as part of the refresh. Some of our readers have commented on a wider choice of screen sizes would also be a nice option to have with the next iMac.

Are you waiting for any refresh before buying an iMac?

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