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Elemental Rage HD: Adventure platform game for iPad

A new magical adventure story has arrived with Elemental Rage HD, the adventure platform game available for the iPad.

Elemental Rage begins with you training as a young spirit guide called Huna. Your mission is simple just save the world and release the Elemental Spirits. The fun platform game brought to you by Oniric Games gives you the opportunity to explore the massive platform levels, secret areas and solve puzzles.

Action and adventure is in store for you as Devan, the evil dark sorcerer has taken the Elemental Spirits, who are the life source of this world. Devan has transformed the Elemental Spirits into dark creatures that are his evil servants. Talis the Spirit Guide of Water is the leader of a tiny group of soldiers, these brave warriors are not going down without a fight, especially now they have you.

Upgrade your artillery of weapons and collect items, use elements of fire, water, earth, and air. Obtain powerful moves, reach new areas and free the Elemental Spirits to level up each element. This new adventure platform game comes with customizable controls and an original epic soundtrack.

With attractive backgrounds and characters, Elemental Rage HD is an adventure platform game for all. For more on this watch the video below and visit the App Store.



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