Black Ops – Escalation Map Pack Video, Vague About New Zombies Map

By Jamie Pert - Apr 20, 2011

The eager amongst you will have already seen our post bringing you the new trailer for the Escalation map pack for Black Ops which guides you through a short tour of the four new multiplayer maps. One thing we picked up however was that there was little mention about Call of the Dead, the new zombie map.

Before the release of the previous downloadable map pack, First Strike, Activision kept quiet about the Ascension zombie map which certainly helped build the hype, it looks like Activision like this strategy and have adopted the same approach with the upcoming Call of the Dead zombie map.

Zombies have been a huge success since the days of Call of Duty: World at War, we wonder whether an independent trailer will be released to promote the Call of the Dead zombie map. A previous post told you how Treyarch promised an “Epic Zombies experience” with all-new playable characters, surely this deserves a trailer of its own.

There are short glimpses of the map that we see in the new trailer which begs questions as to what the map could be about and where it could be set. Unlike the titles of the other four maps, we are not given clues to the location for this one, is this significant? What do you expect from the next zombies map?

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  • kfffsaf

    lol its freddy , machette, buffy the vampire slayer and, somebody else

  • pushingcone3236

    i have actually seen a trailer no lie and there is an englishman an american someone else and a woman i dont know much else but it looks like its actually based on a ship 🙂

  • wyatt


    • snake125

      ME. sanke125

  • Educardo

    I think u guys r wrong it looks a lot like the mission vvorkuutaa

    • sean

      wat r u talking about

  • wyatt

    they sure did talk about sniping alot in the other maps even now they made it one of the hardest thing to in the game

  • wyatt

    man i just hope this map and many more zombie maps just blow my mind like escension anybody agree with me

    • snake125

      thatss wy i think about th maps excep for five i hate five ascension was better then any other zombie map and is easy i went to level 102 i dont think that the is the high score b/c other people went farder then me on kino der toten. THIS IS MY GAMER TAG ON XBOX 360 snake125

      • austin

        no u didnt make it to leval 102

  • Trev_2121

    No Basically it's from the single player mission called "Project Nova" and once you go into the boat to extract Nova 6 you will see the grim reaper blood splatter which is only found in "Zombies" therefore making that single player mission the new zombie map.

  • Absolute Crisis

    doesn't have to be discovery. there is also a mission on single player that takes place on a boat in (Antarctica or something) the clip looks alot like that to me

  • Iceman-Billy

    in the Disovery map there is the power switch so which probaly mean the map is winter, and there is something that will be discovered in the map. thts my guess

  • el_ryberto

    i hope to gos its not another map pack like five
    Hopefully they will revamp zombies just like in der rise

  • xDEAD M4U5x

    You see the map for literally 2 seconds in the trailer. It takes place on Discovery. I also heard that there are some horror film actors as characters…just saying…

    • Kurt Kurman

      I heard literally the same thing.

  • xlxFearlessxlx

    Call of the dead sounds like "Call of the Wild" to me. Maybe it will be on zoo or some other outdoor map?

    • shawn

      i think what they mean is call as in call of duty, and of the dead as in the "of the dead" zombie movies by George A Romero.

  • Matt

    it will be set in a iced area it looks like something to do with nova 6 look like also it is built of the single player level were u watch Demetre die i forget the levels name