Amazon Kindle Books: Borrow one from 11,000 libraries

By Gary Johnson - Apr 20, 2011

eReaders continue to grow in popularity, as recently we told you about sales of eBooks have now overtaken paper backs in the US. The Amazon Kindle has been a big part of this success, and now Amazon has announced plans for customers to borrow Kindle books from libraries.

Christian Ziberg from 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that the Kindle books will be available from more than 11,000 local libraries across the US. These books will work on all Kindle hardware versions, as well as free Kindle reading apps found on other devices.

All the normal features will work with these books like highlights, last page read, and whispersyncing. Kindle users will be able to check out a book from a library, and if they check it out again or buy it from the Kindle store; all your bookmarks and annotations will be remembered. Your notes won’t of course show up when the next person gets out the same book.

This news will surely bring even more people to the Amazon Kindle, and we have spoken about rumors before of Amazon eventually given Kindle readers away free. Do you like the idea of getting a Kindle book from a library?

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