Sony ending PSPgo production in readiness for NGP?

By Gary Johnson - Apr 19, 2011

Later this year gamers will be eager to get their hands on Sony’s new handheld gaming system the NGP, and there are reports emerging from Japan that Sony has ended production of the PSP Go.

Ben Parfitt from MCV is reporting that according to reports in Japan Sony may have finally given up on the PSP Go. The Go is a cut-down version of the original PSP but has no UMD optical drive. The unit also has a sliding screen, but the device didn’t really hit it off with gaming fans as basically it wasn’t as good as the original.

The report from Japan which has been translated seems to be from a Sony Shop employee, and claims that production has stopped and no more shipments will be arriving at retail outlets. The device has also been removed from the Japanese Sony Store. MCV has been told by a source that UK retailers will also not be receiving any more deliveries of the device.

Sony may have ceased production of the Go to retool machines to start making the NGP, which is expected later this year. Are you sad to see the end of the PSP Go?

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  • Oliv

    Well it depends, cause I personally like the PSP Go but I have the original psp too. If they continue to make games for PSN and release them I am fine but if they stop Sony better compensate.

  • Jed

    no, it was worth it, there was no purpose for the pspgo exept for real psp enthusiasts, but they did not have to stop production because of the psp 2, the psp go is going to be extremely rare now. Many still want psp go's it just didn't catch on yet, and i think we weren't really ready for something like the psp go where you could only download games Look at the 3-ds its a year younger and you still have to buy games cartridges off the shelves. It's no problem they stopped production on psp go, but i do think sony is rushing the NGP a little bit.

  • ggjgjgjgjg