Madden NFL 12: Peyton Hillis Vs Michael Vick – Cover Art Battle

We informed you a few weeks ago that the Madden NFL 12 video game cover would be decided by a fan vote this year, and now we are reaching the final stages. It has now come down to a final showdown between Cleveland Browns player Peyton Hillis and Philadelphia’s Michael Vick.

But the obvious question we’re going to ask you, is who deserves to be on the Madden NFL 12 cover the most? You could argue that Michael Vick is a firm favorite since he is considered to be more popular than Hillis, but on the other hard, you may feel that Hillis should get the vote based on merit for his hard working performances this season.

Either way, the decision will be announced on April 27th via SportsNation on ESPN2 at 4PM Eastern Time, so don’t miss it. If you still haven’t voted yet, head to ESPN’s official website here to cast your vote.

If you are planning on picking up Madden 12 later on this year, let us know which player you’d like to see on the cover the most – Peyton Hillis or Michael Vick?



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