Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Should Second Chance Be Scrapped?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 19, 2011

We are hoping that some details regarding the next Call of Duty video game will be revealed soon, however for the mean time we are enjoying getting feedback from our readers regarding what they want to see in the next game, which many believe will be called Modern Warfare 3.

Today we are going to talk about one of the game’s most unpopular perks, Second Chance, for many this is the most unrealistic thing about the last few Call of Duty games and we wonder whether people want it to be scrapped next time around.

Masters of Second Chance will want it to say, but the few times I have used it I have failed to have much success and I think that it ruins the game. Here are a few reasons why many think it should be gone / changed.

The thing which annoys me and many others is the fact that people can get shot and in the split second between the bullet hitting the enemy and them falling to the floor they can pull out their pistol, aim and kill you pretty much instantly. Many think that shots in the legs and arms should allow people to go into Second Chance, however torso, neck or headshots should stop this perk from working.

One idea which I read about a while back is to keep Second Chance but perhaps have a 2 second delay before you can fire your first bullet. I have put people on second chance with my AK47 many times and sprayed a little when the enemy is on the deck only to find that before I spray 2 or 3 bullets (which must take a few millisecond) they have pulled out their pistol and killed me.

Also I think that Second Chance should only work if people have a pistol as a secondary weapon, if you have a launcher on your back or a crossbow etc you won’t have access to the pistol unless you are put on Second Chance, again this is very unrealistic and quite unfair.

What are your views on Second Chance? Should it be scrapped? Should it be changed? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Gazmeister

    Although I was never a fan of last stand/second chance it is not the most unrealistic thing about cod, quickscoping is the most unrealistic thing.

  • ryan

    get rid of it. its completely unrealistic no one gets shot and immediately pulls out their pistol. If you got rid of martyrdom because its unrealistic GET RID OF LAST STAND

  • Kw1nt0n

    get rid of it!!!! when you shoot someone in the face and they fall behind cover and theres nuthin u can do cuz theyr in 2nd chance… unrealistic ruins the whole game for me.

  • Akeem Bailey

    i just hope that it would be better than the other COD…….

    • Marwin

      yes i agree i hope its better then black ops,any way its infinity mw3 keep up the good work infinity

  • blackopsvet

    I find it frustrating, but if you're on your game and you've dumped pretty much a whole clip into a guy to put him in last stand, that's why you carry your secondary. Pull it out and pop 'em. In COD Black Ops, CZ75 Full-auto is my equalizer for 2nd chance….noobs

    • marwin

      you will be dead by then because he will shoot you alredy.its not super mario its not treyarch its infinityward. good job infinity keep up the good work.

  • fart butthole

    Make it so that people in last stand drop a primary weapon. That's all I ask.

    When you kill someone in Last Stand and your ammo is running low, you can't pick up the guy's gun and keep going. I don't know how many high streaks I've lost because of this.

  • Bran

    I agree with increased capability penalty while in last chance. Slow movement, wobbly aim, something that makes it like you are really HURT.

  • scuteri

    get rid of second chance and put back in final stand as a death streak makes everyone happy

  • SamF3

    I agree with Battousai 80. It is better to have that way.

    if you get shot in the arm that would be a problem because you cant aim with a shot arm and you might need to use your other arm to shoot.

    I am expecting a campaign for Modern Warfare 3 of this kind of story:

    Act 1: Ghost's Story

    Act 2: American Invasion of Russia

    Act 3: Soap and Price try to find Makarov and rescue a prisoner aboard a Somali Pirate ship and that prisoner is Cpt Macmillan. (My own ideas) London could be attacked by Terrorists and Makarov could have his breath there.

    Act 4: Final Missions for Ghost Prequel, American Invasion and Soap and Price. These will all have something to do with each other. (I am interested in what the extra mission might have like the Act 5 in COD4 and Infinity Ward museum in MW2)

  • tommy

    i think that if it used that ther shuld b more realism if used at all. i mean if we r looking at it for realism, then arms n legs wuld b a last stand drop, but i agree wth a few other people that ther shuld b a second or two delayed reaction and they cannot shoot u clear across the dam map, but i dont think u shuld switch to a pistol but still use the same weapon u got shot with. Lets have 4 perk catagories- great idea

    • Marwin

      great idea tommy i agree. 4 perks can really help lol

  • jay

    Get rid of it!! It's a useless perk used by morons who couldn't get the job done the first time so they use the second chance just to get that cheap extra kill. It's used by idiots who can't play the game without it, they just get killed during the first engagment. If it's even going to be considered to stay in than there should be restrictions to it. If the person gets shot in the leg than fine, drop them down and have a couple second delay with them hitting the ground and than pulling out their pistol. If they get shot anywhere else which usually happense with many bullets not just one than they should be dead. The aim is to get people who rest on this piece of crap perk to use other better perks and stop being little b*tches!

  • Unknown

    Its not about realism, this is a video game and COD is hardly realistic-unlimited sprint, knife lunge, sleight of hand, they are all unrealistic.

    But the problem with second chance is the fact that it rewards BAD gameplay. It rewards people who played badly and were on the verge of death while ruining the game of the person who played well. Second chance is the only perk in the game which activates when you are about to die, while all other perks compliment you for playing well and staying alive.

    Second chance is only there to satisfy the "noobs" and at this point its ridiculous how many people it annoys. Its one thing to make a game accessible and there's another where you cater to the noobs.

    If you use second chance you know you are a noob. No half decent player would ever use second chance.

  • mibs3

    I think it should stay but you only get a crappy pistol (worse than one you can select low damage low accuracy med fire rate and massive recoil) unless you have a better pistol sellected. you should have a 1 second delay befor you can shoot and a 3 second delay before you can knife or aim down should be able to earn more time to be revived by completing challanges(there would be 15 challanges and you would earn one second per challange starting with 5 seconds.

  • Brandon

    This should be gone when you play hardcore matches someone in second chance almost always kills you. The most annoying perk besides hardened but i use hardened sometimes so I can't really talk bad about that perk

  • Josh

    Second Chance needs to be scrapped, or at least nerfed. When I have my trusty AK47 or Galil, and shoot someone right in the chest, they still go into Second Chance which is total bull. I can understand if I hit the guy in the arm or leg (realistically, however, if one where to hit the main artery in the thigh, it would only take about a minute for them to bleed out), but when I nail a guy right in the chest and he goes into Second Chance and either gets revived or kills me, that makes me angry.

    Usually I don't encounter this perk when I play, but when I do it is like kryptonite to me. It messes up triple feeds, makes using a sniper even more pointless since by the time my character does the bolt-action animation on my L96 the guy I just hit with second chance has already scampered out of the way.

    Personally, I like the idea behind a perk like this, but it becomes a thorn in my side too many times. Like Stopping Power and Juggernaut, I hope that this perk and any other perks with the same effect are scrapped for the next CoD game. It'll save us all the time of complaining about it, and IW's time trying to calm the community about it.

    Don't give MW3 anymore weak spots..

    • Marwin

      i agree your comment makes sense. treyarch should stik to making zombie games not war games or else it will be something like second chance again.what took you so long everyone’s stress is gone now that we heard youre making mw3 keep up the good work infinity. we miss you.

  • (NFCS)ktroy

    I think it is obvious this game is not realistic in that it does not compare to real life but off course they are trying to model the platform around real boundaries. If not why dont they have shields and flying chainsaw guns. And from what some people are writing I can tell some of them have seen some combat. I dont think any one here gets on line and thinks they are experiencing combat. The point I was trying to make is that if you are upset that they are reviving and shooting you in the back then finish them off. I just come on here because think its amazing that peeps actually wants certain perks removed! By the way I agree with a few guys up… BF3, cant wait for it!

  • Dustin

    Possibilities in fixing Second Chance (hereafter abbreviated as SC), 1. Moving gun. I'm sorry but if you just got dropped by three or four rounds from an assault rifle, you would not be able to hold your pistol nearly as steady as you seem to be able to in game, if the G11's low power scope has to move all over the place your SC pistol definitely should. 2. Red screen, it seems a bit silly to me that without SC I take a bullet or two and survive but my screen is almost completely red but when you drop into SC your screen has little (or no I'm not sure, I've used it once) red at all, it should be almost entirely red to be more realistic. 3. If you're going to keep SC fine, but remove it from Hardcore Modes, I mean, the entire point of having the extra bullet damage is to make those game types more realistic, and I'm sorry, but if anyone were to get shot from 200 plus yards away with a sniper round, I hardly think they would have the strength or composure to hold their 16 ounce ACOG sighted Python Magnum steay enough to blast me with one extremely well aimed shot before I could recognize the IRL SC user and pop them with a second round. 4. Also as a side note, if you are going to keep SC at least bring make it so only SC users can revive you like in COD-WAW, much more realistic that way, because along with being revived an SC user then becomes sort of a field medic…just a few idle thoughts.

  • UnstoppableChepo

    I use second chance but i dont care because i use hacker in black ops and if they have second chance next time ill put my second chance class on and kill them but it also pisses me off because two kill away from dogs and im running see a guy shot him and i keep running toward him unaware he in second chance and he knifes me and i dont get it which is stupid

  • Steel

    Second Chance should stay,but it should be fixed so that I cant be killed from a player's main gun's bullets after I put him in second chance. And as said earlier make the time alive shorter. They should take second chance out of Hardcore modes. A person with a python will can get alot of kills from second chance. Yeah its realistic but imo its overpowered. I'm not complaining Im just giving my opinion, because honestly if they keep second chance as it is, i wouldnt mind because I dont get killed by it much and when I do its because I wasnt paying full attention.

  • Matt P

    Second chance is in the middle of realism and fiction. I do agree that if you get shot in the legs or arms that you should fall into second chance. A head shot or chest shot should be instant death if you get shot enough. people saying that its realistic are sorta in a weird position. If you were in combat and say you get shot in the arm, depending on where you were shot would determine on how functional your arm is. Or say an explosion goes off and blows off all your fingers, yet you are still alive, i know explosions do not put people in second chance but thats besides the point. You wouldnt pull out your pistol if you had lost all of your fingers. The people going for realism cant really put up a sustainable arguement. the others who say it is unrealistic cannot put up a flawless arguement either.

    Knifing should be unavailable in second chance. If it is in the next CoD, I would rather it be last stand as opposed to second chance. No reviving. Also, if 50% of the shots hit in the chest, neck, or head, It should be instant death. Bring back deathstreaks and include second chance so the noobs get to use their noob perk. of course get rid of martyr and painkiller

  • Matt

    Wow at people compaining about realism. This is on a game where 10 seconds allows you to recover after nearly dying, where your "magic touch" can allow picked up weapons to shoot through walls, where you can lunge across large areas by using a knife…

    The main problem with second chance (which black ops fixed) was your kill being stolen. Yeah, its not a great perk, it is annoying, but honestly, how often does it kill anyone? It's not a game breaker.

    For the record, I don't like it, but I don't think it's worth all this complaining, there are better games for realism if that is what your after…

  • BourneIntro

    The fact that everyone is sighting "realism" when discussing a FPS is hilarious to me…. It is not "realistic" it will never be "realistic" it is a video game for entertainment…. so the realism of the game should never dictate what stays or goes. If all you tardbags want realism, walk to your local recruiter, enlist, and pursue a career in special forces… assuming you have not already wasted yourself into a fat peice of shit eating doritos drinking mountain dew and worrying about your prestige level on your completely unrealistic video game

    • Guest

      You play the same game moron. Second chance is a garbage perk, so is commando, and OMA. Make the next MW off CoD4, just add new weapons and maps and a story mode that doesnt feel like it was thrown together at the last minute and you might have a halfway decent game on your hands. I doubt the devs listen and take out all the perks that made CoD a noob freindly game, but hey thats why I' refusing to buy another game in the franchise. They're making games to make money and the sad part is all these people that are loyal to the series will keep feeding them money instead of refusing to buy the game until they make it worth the $70 price tag. I honestly hope CoD dies out.

  • (NFCS)ktroy

    The last post is right on. To add the statement about the ability to get a round off before you can finish me off seems a little un true to me. I have Second Chance Pro and am quite good with it but if an experienced gamer kills me he usually finishes me off before I can get my side arm out. Most of my second chance kills are on the dummie who shoots me and turns his back on me. All soldiers and law enforcement will tell you, that weapon is on the target until a kill is confirmed. Obviously this is a game and your not going to sit there and clear the scene but really, getting rid of it seems a little but on the whinny side to me.

  • Rena Munyon

    Anybody who says get rid of second chance has obviously never been in combat… There are always many more wounded than KIA. Second chance allows an element of reality that you fags obviously don't understand…. Second chance should stay!

  • Stevey

    I'm fine with it. Don't use it myself but its not like its a game breaker. All the people saying its unrealistic: its also unrealistic that you can get shot in the leg and not be affected in terms of movement or aim, or that you don't bleed to death every 30 seconds from when someone almost chopped you in half but you got one more bullet in them first, or that killing 5 people lets you call in a napalm strike when you had the radio the whole time! Using realism to support your argument is kind of a bad idea you guys

  • CozmoCC

    Okay heres what I think. Second Chance is the most ball busting perk in the game. You're one kill away from your killstreak, be it a spy plane or dogs, you have your last kill in your sights you shoot, they drop to the ground with a python or some other pistol and kill you immediately. Ridiculous. Why should you be rewarded with an auto drop shot because you weren't able to kill your opponent? And second chance pro is even worse. You see you put someone in to last stand, so you turn around and run away before they can kill you and just wait for them to die and then there back on their feet again cheating you out of your well earned kill? Bullshit. I can take camping, hell I can even take noobtoobing, but when it comes to last stand it makes me want to break my disc and go buy something that's not pissing me off.

    • Rena Munyon

      just cause you shoot him in the face doesn'
      t mean hes dead…

      • Andrew

        i think most of the people who are commenting negatively are the idiots who put smeone in second chance then get cocky and go in for the knife only to be beaten to it by the grounded opponent. Why should the perk be taken away for their stupidity. I can see a little longer revival time but i say you can equip an secondary you want and your second chance is your base level pistol. if you can't kill me with a automatic considerably more powerful rifle before i kill you with a single fire pistol you aren't deserving of the kill. furthermore another way to counteract is to move around while shooting the second chancer, newsflash they turn slower than you strafe. wow some of you really need to learn to play the game.

  • drk

    love second chance. All u do when they go into it is wait for the idiot to revive them and shoot both players. double kill its like throwing a sam turret out and watching the noobs run to it. the guy reviving puts his gun away for a second. i never use it but like it alot.

  • Jarrod

    Battlefield 3 will destroy the call of duty franchise second chance was the gayest thing to come out of call of duty fuck all of you who use it

    • paul

      You shouldnt say things like this untill they have happend and are proven fact.

      predicting the future and stating your predictions as fact just makes you look silly if Battlefeild 3 doesnt do aswell or kill the COD franchise.

      What you should say is "i HOPE Battlefeild 3 will kill the COD Franchice"

      Be smart man…be smart.

    • Sid

      Go battlefield 3, cod needs some competition to improve, even if bf3 doesn't catch, it'll force mw3 to improve

    • X-X

      LOL people commenting things here are newbies if ur gonna win this fight straight don't search for mw3 and say negative things about it, it's only gay and if you really think bf3 will take down cod and so on why post this then? i like bf3 but fans of it are just getting more stupid for every day? omg i don't want cod people to bf3 please jarrod don't buy it ur one of those who will destroy bf3 eventually

  • Luke

    I think the entire game should be scrapped. Burn Cod to the ground.

    R.I.P. MW1, the last good COD game.

    Good morning Battlefield 3.

  • Blazin

    Personally I hate and don't ever use it mostly because its annoying when I get killed by someone who is using it but it's not something that people should make a big fuss over. From a standpoint of someone who has studied military tactics it is one of the most realistic perks in the game next to Scavenger/Warlord and Flak Jacket (non-pro). It seems that gamers who complain about the perks have a problem with a touch of realism. However, the time that the person stays alive while in Second Chance/Last Stand should be reduced to around 5-7 seconds. But hey that's just me…

    • Jamie Pert

      So if you got shot with a few rounds you would be able to pull your pistol out and shoot the enemy within 1 second? There is no way that would happen in real life. I admit yes real soldiers probably carry a secondary weapon just in case, but the shock from getting hit with bullets would surely affect your response time…

  • steven

    Be4 taking the perk out of the game think of the pros and cons of removing it first, how well will the game be with or without it. ya it does get rid of the camping issue but it does get a little annoying at some points where someone across the map sees you and kills you with one ta too shots. but in my opinion it should be a chance to be in second chance like if you get shot in the arms, legs feet or whatever ya you should be able to get into the second chance but there are vitals in your legs and arms so it should also be a chance to get put into second chance

    • paul

      People complain about people 'camping' but camping (hiding in corners or hedge rows etc) is realistic. its not about constant running around untill you find someone to shoot or get shot yourself. lol its about avaiding being shot and shooting as many people as you can.

      I think they should make it more realistic by adding crouching and backing up to walls and peaking round corners and firing round corners,afterall its realistic and featured in launch titles Ghost Recon and Rainbow six Vegas back in 2005 so why not now!

  • Dan

    Yea it's annoying but you can't remove everything people don't like that's what's ruining cod now adays if you don't like it man up. I get killed on second chance I hate it but oh well get on with playing the game.

  • Bill

    I have bigger issues with knifing. I can't tell you how aggravating it is to put 2 bullets in someones back only to have the turn around a kill you with basically a flesh wound to the arm! It's my opinion that melee should take at least 2 attacks to kill.

    • Jamie Pert

      I am the world’s most useless person at stabbing people… i just can’t get the timing right at pushing the analog stick in!

    • anyomanas

      i think that a simple soulution to knifing is that it is a secondary perk that way they cant have it and stopping power(if that is in the game) and it only does 65-75 damage so they would have to shoot you too sound good?

  • BOb

    BRing back overkill

  • nathan

    worst perk ever created, get rid!

  • V o ii lD

    If were gonna talk about how realistic it is, sure some people may get the chance to drop down and pull out their pistol but not every time. I agree with shots to the chest, neck and head should negate Second chance. I also agree that it should take longer to heal someone and the person healing should have to have second chance pro as well. Maybe you should have to press a certain button before you go down to activate second chance. I think certain guns such as shotguns and snipers should not activate second chance because if you get shot by a 50 cal. sniper rifle you wont be like hey im gonna pull out my pistol now! you would be like hey look 😀 IM DEAD! there have been many times i have been knifed after i point blank shotgunned some one and they got me as they fell into second chance, which is lame. And sure it may be a good back up but obviously you arent good if you need a "second chance" to kill some one. If anyone who thinks second chance is good wants to play me my Gamertag is V o ii LD.

  • paul

    It is realistic in a way because all soldiers carry a side arm,having served in the Army myself i can tell you that just because im carrying an AK47 and a Rocket Launcher doesnt mean i dont have my pistol/side arm handy to use in an emergency if need be.

    Sure if you get shot in the head or "too" much in the chest then you shouldnt be able to use this perk as thats not very realistic,and you should only be able to use it if you get shot in the shoulders,arms,legs e.t.c,but i dont think the technology is able to go this adcvanced yet is it?

    Personaly ive never had a problem with the perk,dont use it myself,nor am i botherd about people using it on me.

    • donovan

      what army are you in? using ak47s

      • paul

        I used AK47 as many more people are familiar with what an AK47 is.

        If i would of said i carried an SA80 A2 UGL nobody would of understood what the hell i was talking about would they. lol

        say AK47 and EVERYBODY knows what your talking about….use ya brain!

        As for what Army i was in i served in the Grenadier Gaurds for 5 years before i got injured.

  • Niko

    I don't see a problem with second chance, personally I don't use it but it serves as a kind of curveball and a lot of people use it. Most of the time you still end up finishing the guy off but on that rare occassion when they kill you from second chance you have to admit you took your eye off the ball. Come on, leave it in!

  • Martin Riley

    Definately not get rid of it, Like the previous comment stated, it is realistic as the back-up weapon would be kept tucked in someone's shoe…Infact the more realistic thing would be to be holding the weapon you we're just using…People who don't like it aren't good at using it…Simples!! It takes skill to be able to kill someone before they kill you especially from a distance…Campers don't like it because it's one of the few ways we can get them…and the Pro version takes a lot of earning to get so you deserve the 30 seconds to get revived…So IMO it needs to be kept

    • Nick

      Asolutely not! It is the easiest perk to get! Are you kidding me! It doesn't take skill to use Second Chance!

  • Shaun

    Get rid of it please it pisses me off

  • Azteca1995

    I use second chance 4 1 reason CAMPERS those corner hoe bitches waiting for u in a corner shoot u down pull out ur pistol bam u kill him u get revive the ultimate enemy for campers which are worst tan second chance users

  • Brad

    How is it not realistic? Headshots are always an instant kill, no matter what perk there is. And even if they don't have a pistol equipped in their class, soldiers tend to carry sidearms in combat at all times, so thats pretty realistic.

    It's definitely my favorite perk. Yeah, it's annoying to be the victim of, but I know that I return the favor when I do it too. It's no different than shooting someone and not killing them in the first shot and they get to you first.

    It's how it is. You could just assume that they'll go into last stand and shoot them more than once. Theres too much complaining about this game. Just accept the game. If you don't like it, go play halo or battlefield.

    • DbizzleFaShizzle

      i agree 100000% keep this perk….idk how you can say its the most unrealistic thing in call of duty, considering people run around with a sniper rifle turning in circles no scoping…..haha i mean reallllly? how is that any more realistic then someone getting shot in the leg or arm and falling down and pulling out a pistol and popping the shit outa someone whos trying to kill them!……i say quit bitching about stupid stuff and maybe try the perk, ya might like it! instead of running around with a retarded sniper quick/no scopeing in the middle of maps and then bitching about someone not dieing lol and killing you with a pistol….how bout get read of quick scoping! sounds great to me

      • NiteChrist

        really? the fact that a second chance user talking getting rid of quick scoping is even happening, i hope you know that your outnumbered 10000/1 in that. Soo many more people quick scope and are actually good, whereas second chance is exactly that: a second chance for noobs who suck at cod. I don't quick scope, i use commando as much as possible; but when i shoot at someone in a window and not only do they not die, but they get revived and kill me with a RPG, than its time for them to get rid of that ****ing perk once and for all.

    • Bramdon

      You got man, if don't like Second Chance or any other thing about this game go play halo or something. The only reason this game is the best is because of things like this. I am 13( most of you are probably older) I can get over it so can you come on guys this is war nothing is fair or right so shut up and stop weening and just play to darn game!

      • Miki

        If you are 13 you SHOULDN'T even play these games!!! Its rated 18+ omg…

  • Ace_Man

    1000 times YES, get rid of it. I usually kill people with it on, but it's a waste of extra bullets (it should only take one, but I've had it take like 3-4). And I have been knifed by them before their butt even hits the ground, when they should've been dead. Also no deathstreaks or martyrdom of any kind… and no n00bt00bs.

    • Andrew

      you're just mad because you can't kill someone fast enough the trick to noobtoob aversion is don't be close to enemies with it. if you keep going after the same dude and die thats your fault. deathstreat should stay because it adds a little challenge to keeping a killstreak going. and second chance well it was the basis of how soap survived in the first modern warfare, or did you forget that. it should stay because it is a main component to the series.

  • Battousai 80

    I'm not a huge fan of second chance. I think at times it can be overpowered especially the pro version.
    30 seconds for a teammate to possibly revive you is way too long. Plus it is a bit annoying when you have to use extra ammo to finish a person off (or in my case, a concussion grenade).

    If they were to change Second Chance I'd suggest the following:
    1) No more than 10 seconds while in second chance for a teammate to revive you
    2) Extended the time it takes for a teammate to revive you (possibly the same time as it takes to steal an enemy care package) If another teammate has second chance equipped then maybe revive faster.
    3) Shots (chest and up) should kill rather than putting you in second chance. I agree that leg or arm shots should put you in second chance
    4) Screen should be red. Possible second or two lag before you can aim down the sight with your sidearm.
    5) Once revived, you have a slight movement penality (move slower) for a at least 10 seconds.
    6) If put into second chance once, the next time you get shot you get killed.


    • Veng shotz

      you're just pissed because they own you in 2nd chance?

      mate; either you suck or you have some deep related problems with the game, because i for one, when i do own while 2nd chance equips, sometimes don't even have a second to survive because most ppl just shoot your body until it says you killed them


      • Battousai 80

        @ Veng shotz
        I'm just saying there should be tweaks to Second Chance. I usually finish people off who use Second Chance and occasionally use their body as bait for a teammate who is tries to revive. If I want to get creative, I'll put a C4 charge close to the enemy I've downed and blow up anyone who tries to revive.

        And easy with the caps man.

        I think it's called ASS CLOWNS ANONYMOUS.

  • Tyler

    I do find that anoying when i sniped someone with an intervention and thay went to laststand becuase it hit them in the leg and he had a rocket launcher as a 2nd weapon but he pulled his pistol that he did not have on me and shot me becuase i was close but i was still moving the bolt on my rifle when he shot me, i think there should be a delay when u get to fire with pistol and that it can only work if u have a pistol for a 2nd weapon.

    • Jimbob

      Honestly, It doesnt bother me. I can then shoot their head and get an execution, for some reason its easier to shoot their head when theyre on the ground. which helps me get the fall camo easier.

    • veng shotz

      we're talking about 2nd chance, black ops.

      not laststand from mw2.

      get your quick scoping head in the real game.

      • Molotovs

        dude it’s the exact same thing

    • u just suck

      You all should just stop sucking and shoot the guy enough to kill him in the first place shoot them enough to kill dont bitch because u stink at the game