Bing now the fastest growing search engine in the UK

By Marlon Votta - Apr 19, 2011

As far as current progression goes, the news comes that Bing is now the fastest growing search engine in the United Kingdom. This information has come concluding an updated report done by Experian Hitwise.

Microsoft’s search engine Bing and the Social Analysis report show that even though Google are still the major search engine in the United Kingdom with 90 percent, the Microsoft sites have upped 0.28 percent in market share within February and March. With Google sites losing market share searches of 0.66 percent in this period. Stephen Lepitak also reports this in an article on TheDrum.

The report carried out by Experian Hitwise found that Bing have grown year after year, with an increase of 1.43 percent in 2010, the figures were at 2.96 and went up to 4.39 percent in their market share of searches. Yahoo saw a drop of 0.52 percent and is currently 3rd on the list of online search sites, and Ask who dropped 0.21 percent is listed the 4th most used of these search sites.

Facebook is the most popular of current social media platforms with 56 percent of social network visitors. Google’s YouTube had the quickest growth in March, from 18.32 percent up to 19.6 percent of social media visits within the United Kingdom during this period. The 3rd most popular social media site is Twitter with a growth of 0.53 percent.

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