iPhone 5 to have slight changes and ready for mass production in September

By Gary Johnson - Apr 18, 2011

Speculation recently has pointed to Apple not releasing the next iPhone when we would normally expect at the WWDC event in June. Today we have a report that the iPhone 5 is to have only slight changes, and ready for mass production in September.

Neil Hughes from AppleInsider is reporting in an article that the next iPhone will have only “slight modifications” over the iPhone 4. Part of these changes includes an 8 Megapixel camera and a Qualcomm baseband for both CDMA and GSM models. The handset is then expected to go into mass production in September.

An analyst from Concord Securities – Ming-Chi Kuo – offered details of the next iPhone after checking with supply chain sources. Kuo has heard details of the faster A5 chip which have been speculated about before, will find its way into the handset. There is also talk of an improved antenna design.

Kuo has been told by his sources that the new handset will start a trial production during August, before going into full production in September. This runs with reports before that the iPhone 5 may not be launched before the start of Apple’s next financial year.

The analyst has correctly predicted in the past features of Apple products, including the iPad 2 would have the same display as the original. He had also said last month that production of the white iPhone 4 would start, and then we recently had reports the device was set to be released.

What do you think? Will we have to wait until the end of the year before a new iPhone becomes available?

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  • A. Torres

    I sure hope that everyone is wrong with the September schedule. I hope that Apple will pull the a fast one and actually present the phone in June. Even my brother who is a bigger fan of Apple and follows everything Apple thinks that this may be the case but I would like to see it early because all the Android phones are passing up Apple with the delays. All Android manufacturers want to do is take down Apple a peg or two and if there is too much of a delay, they just may do that. Personally, I want to upgrade my 3G phone but would rather upgrade to the latest, not a phone that will be replaced soon but I also do not want to wait forever. I was eligible for an upgrade in January so I do not want to wait 9 or 10 months for my upgrade.