Bulletstorm Epic Edition Owners – Play Gears of War 3 Beta Today

By Jamie Pert - Apr 18, 2011

Earlier we gave you a tour of the Gears of War 3 beta and listed the beta’s unlockables which carry across to the next game, now we have realized that purchasers of the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm for the Xbox 360 will be able to access the beta today.

Sadly none of the writers for Product-Reviews have a code for the beta, therefore we cannot confirm whether the beta codes are working yet, We would love our readers to let us know whether it is available yet via the comments section below.

The beta ends on May 15th therefore gamers have roughly 28 days to get their GoW 3 fix, then there will be a long wait before the game finally arrives on September 20th, perhaps a demo will hit Xbox Live between now and then.

If you have pre-ordered your copy of Gears of War 3 from GameStop you will be able to start playing the beta this time next week, as you would expect there are plenty of eBay listings where people can buy codes, however we would seriously recommend checking the small print.

We would love to hear whether you have access to the beta yet, feel free to tell us how impressive the game is in the comments section… that’s if you can pull yourself away from your 360.

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  • ColeMasterFlex

    If anyone's still interested in getting a Gears Of War 3 beta key, I found some being handed out on a blog. It was free, too.

    I don't know if any of the keys are left, but you can try here:


  • Ollie

    what? downloaded gears and it won't upload? wat

    this beta is great, and like all the other beta's i have taken part in, gets me very pumped for gears 3. bring it on 😀

  • Chris

    Its great! couple of bloopers here and there but nothing drastic!

  • Chris

    Its great! couple of bloopers here and there but nothing drastic!
    new bayonet "retro" lancer is awesome addition!

  • Tracy

    Downloaded GOW but it will not upload. I bought Bstorm just for the beta! Help (360)platform

    • ashley

      @tracy you could try removeing the beta from you hdd then re-download it if that doesn't work get on the phone to microsoft so yeah i hope this helped you in a way

    • ashley

      or send me your gt for xbox live and ill help you