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Battlefield 3: PC Hardware Requirements: Worried you can’t run it?

As most of you will probably agree, Battlefield 3 is shaping up to be the best looking video games of the year, after EA has been showing off the full power of their Frostbite 2 engine which will feature in the game. However, the graphics are going to be very demanding for those of you hoping to get the PC version of the game.

EA Dice has already stated that the PC version of the game will feature the best graphics, and will be separated from the console versions which will be downgraded slightly since they can’t handle the full power.

What we want to know, is whether your current system will be able to handle the game, or if you’re planning to buy a new rig just in order to run Battlefield 3 at optimal settings. EA hasn’t disclosed the official miminum specs for the game, but we do have a list of recommended specs which have been provided by

According to them, you’ll need at least a Quad Core processor to run BF3 at a reasonable frame rate. You’ll also need 4GB of RAM spare, 512MB of video memory available and have a graphics card compatible with DirectX 11. Again, these are not official specs yet, but don’t be surprised if a quad-core processor is recommended by EA.

What gaming graphics can you handle on the PC at the moment? Are you worried that your current setup cannot play BF3 – will you risk it with a dual-core?



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