500 Cabrio: Fiat’s New 2012 Model – Ugly or Sexy?

We have some interesting news for those of you who are on the lookout for a new motor this year, as Fiat has just announced the 500 Cabrio – a brand new compact vehicle which is great for family trips. It’s just been announced for a Spring release in the US and we have the first pictures to show you.

However, we have a feeling that the 500 Cabrio is going to either going to be a firm favorite or a total mismatch with consumers. The design you might agree is slightly unusual and the size is just enough to fit four people inside.

Key features include an electric powered fabric roof which can be opened whilst driving, although those sitting in the back seat won’t be able to benefit from windows, as the main ones are situated on the front seats only. One thing that does distinguish the 500 Cabrio from other vehicles on the market though is customization. As Autoblog reports, the compact little runner comes in a choice of three different soft top colors, 12 varieties of interior colors and fabrics and wait for it, a whopping 12 different colors for the exterior.

Based on this white model though and the design, we want to know your thoughts on the 500 Cabrio. Do you think it is pretty or rather ugly? There is an included picture gallery over at Autoblog so you can check out some more images.



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