How to Customize your Car: 2011 Tips

We have some good news for those of you who are looking for how to customize your car this year, as we have found an excellent guide for you to read online which will ensure that you yourself can take the steps necessary to building your own dream car.

One guide which we have picked out specifically on this topic, comes from EHow, as they have listed eight detailed steps on how to achieve a custom vehicle similar to the results you often see on popular MTV show ‘Pimp my Ride’.

Firstly, they state that the first step in customizing your car should be looking at how to improve your wheels or tires. This can be achieved by adjusting the size of them, and of course deciding on your very own choice of rims. Be prepared to pay for your custom gear though, as tire upgrades will start from around $2000.

After you have decided what tires you want, you’re free to customize to your hearts content on the interior body, and exterior design that you want on the back – if any. Other suggestions include window tints, body kits, LEDs, lighting, exotic audio systems and the option of installing grilles on your motor.

Check out the full article over at EHow for more help on this. Have you recently customized your car? If so, was it an easy task and how much money did you spend on it?



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