Get Jewish Cuisine Recipes With an iPhone App

By Gary Johnson - Apr 17, 2011

A great application which takes all the hard work out of Passover preparations has recently been released to the App Store. Modern Jewish Cuisine 1.0 is available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Released by UK based Ignicom Limited, the application has a unique collection of contemporary and traditional Jewish recipes. The application has the special feature of Passover/Pesach recipes that include a lovely collection of desserts, cakes and biscuits. Users will also find some great ideas for mealtimes.

The application promises to brighten up weekday meals and festival celebrations. Recipes range from the classics such as chopped liver, chicken soup and roast chicken. There are also some modern dishes that have a twist such as fruit sushi.

Some of the great features of the app include full screen gallery of recipes, both metric and US Imperial measures, recipes can be wirelessly printed direct from the device and shared via email. All the recipes can be viewed anytime once downloaded.

Modern Jewish Cuisine 1.0 is available worldwide on the App Store for only $4.99/£2.99. iOS 3.1.3 or later required.

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  • Lisa

    This is a really nice cooking app with uncomplicated and delicious recipes, the new iPad app is great!

  • Lisa

    This app is worthless on iPad, not aligned at all…renders recipes useless! Don't even bother!

  • Dan

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  • Greg Freeman

    Why would anyone intentionally eat that crap?