Nintendo Wii HD: ‘Hardcore’ Console More Powerful than Xbox 360, PS3?

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2011

Following on from our earlier report which gave you the exciting news that a new Nintendo Wii console could be unveiled at E3 2011 in June, we now have additional information to give you now, which suggests that the new console will be more powerful than the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360.

Of course, it’s hard to believe that based on what we’ve seen with the Wii, but we can’t wait to see what Nintendo announce in just a few months time. Since Game Informer and now IGN and Kotaku are now all reporting that a new console is on the way – it does seem likely that Nintendo fans are going to get that Wii HD console that they have been craving for years.

But will it really be more powerful than the PS3 or Xbox 360? That would be amazing if that turns out to be true since both consoles can churn out some serious graphics as it is, who would have thought it would be Nintendo who ends up with the superior console – until the PS4 and Xbox 720 arrives anyway.

Another major bombshell that we’re hearing about, is that Nintendo are aiming to recapture the hardcore audience with their new console, so could that mean we’ve seen the last of these silly Wii Fit and Party games? Make our dreams come true Nintendo.. and remake Link to the Past while you’re at it please.

Let us know your thoughts on this gamers. Do you believe the rumors that Nintendo are building a console more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3?

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  • Suck_IT

    It's all a load of balls. Nintendo don't give a toss about the hardcore audience. While the masses are still buying all their ugly, fluffy wii-whatever games, they'll keep making and selling them. Hardcore gamers don't give a toss about Nintendo either. Screw Nintendo, they're all about the sales.

  • Michael

    Would be very easy to release a console, at normal full console price, that would out perform the ps3 and xbox360, with todays parts being so cheap.
    It would also be a great move, as both microsoft and sony want to rape the life out of the current systems, and possibly wont release a new for for some time.

    So Nintendo having the most powerful console for some years would give them quite a lead – and if they plan some exclusive games right, they may be able to steal away many of the hardcore audience who hate the wii.

    Lets just hope nintendo don't re-use the wii label. As famous as the word wii is, i don't want the next console to continue this stupid wording. But then, i need to wonder how many wii owners even acknowledge its a nintendo product…

  • Mornelithe

    Of course, all Nintendo needs to do now is actually….make adult games. Hopefully they aren't turning a blind eye to their actual demographic here. Their bread and butter is Mario/Zelda/Metroid-esque type games that cater to a younger audience. They've never fared very well when trying to stray into the so-called 'hardcore' market. Then again, they've never made a really huge push for it either.

  • Robert

    sounds like a good idea, they have a long way to come, but nintendo also comes out with the best hand held systems around so i doubt its not impossible, but the machine is going to be bulky, if its going to be stronger then the other 2, they only need to out do xbox, its not that hard… better graphics are the key.