Nintendo 3DS: Will It Flop?

By Jamie Pert - Apr 15, 2011

Since the release of the Nintendo 3DS we have heard lots of reports of people feeling ill due to the 3D effect, whether these stories are exaggerated or not is hard to tell, however a recent article posted on VG247 lists a lot of other reasons why the Nintendo 3DS could be a failure.

Over the years lots of video games consoles have failed, previously Nintendo’s GameCube and Virtual Boy flopped, could the 3DS be their next lead balloon?

If you check out VG247’s article there are lots of reasons why the Nintendo 3DS could fail, obviously the bad press from the reports of headaches etc are not helping the situation, however VG247 suggest that the 3DS appeals to just three kinds of people die-hard Nintendo fans, casual gamers and regular gamers, but what launch titles will entice these potential customers?

Regular gamers will be looking forward to the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, casual gamers may have already bought Street Fighter IV but apart from these titles VG247 feel that there is not much else on offer (Ocarina of Time 3D arrives in late June).

One other thing which does not bode well for the 3DS is battery life, VG247 claim that with everything turned down you can get 5 hours of usage, but if you are turning the 3D capabilities off you might as well be playing games on the DS.

Another things which is not in the 3DS’ favor is the upcoming competition that the Sony NGP will bring, also the DS was a success early on as there weren’t many handheld devices on the market which offered rich gaming experiences, now pretty much every Android, WP7 and iOS-based device we see released is capable of producing impressive visuals and intuitive controls for great gameplay.

In this day and age it looks as if people just don’t need a separate handheld device for their gaming needs, they have a console at home and a smartphone for on-the-go gaming, for kids and Nintendo fans the 3DS is great, but is its mainstream appeal great enough for it to be a success? We’re not sure…

We would love to hear your opinion on the future of the Nintendo 3DS, therefore let us know whether you think it will flop or succeed in the long run below, also feel free to answer the poll question.
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  • Freddie

    you cant really judge how well a console is going to do by its launch games and by the very few titles that have been announced already. The life span of the DS was around 4 or five years and its still going. Nintendo probably sees the 3DS as having the same life cycle, theres plenty of time for more games to come out.

    Where as with the NGP its just more of the same that failed sony with the PSP but dont get me wrong I think this time round sony will put up more of a fight now that its had practice in the portable games arena and this battle will be much closer between the 2 than the DS and PSP were

  • Matt

    I cant understand why people keep saying smartphones replace handheld dedicated devices.

    Smartphone games marketplaces are midefields of shovelware and rip offs, with only a few good games, and even then, successes like Angry Birds, whilst innovative and fun, are shadows of a full game. The majority of the non shovelware smartphone games will always be either :
    1, A nice looking tech demo
    2 and more probable, a 5 minute distraction on the train, not something you would want to invest time in such as Pokemon, Monster hunter, Zelda etc

    • a name

      Because when it is getting to the point where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket at all times, they can just whip it out anywhere and game on the go. More and more developers are starting to see this and working on 'deep' games for smartphones. Sony is even making a marketplace for Android and an Android phone with a flip out control pad. Are you going to lug around a 3ds (and a bunch of cartridges) with you everywhere you go? You might be able to stuff it in your pocket uncomfortably, but it ain't like a smartphone. And even more, why pay $250 plus $45 per game just to be entertained while idle away from your home console? It just doesn't make allot of sense anymore, and it makes even worse financial sense.

      If you want a deep complex long 'full' gaming experience, go home and play your home console. Handheld gaming has always been a 'reduced' experience anyways.
      Smartphones are perfect for on-the-go anywhere entertainment.

  • Joshua

    "however VG247 suggest that the 3DS appeals to just three kinds of people die-hard Nintendo fans, casual gamers and regular gamers, but what launch titles will entice these potential customers?"

    The hell? What other type of gamers are there in the world? The Blind, mute, and deaf?

    Also… Why even mention the limited amount of launch titles… There hasn't been a game system in my memory that has ever had a really good launch set up game wise… The 3ds is getting most of its good games between the summer and august (animal crossing, legend of zelda ocarina of time 3D, star fox 64 3D, Super mario 3D, ect.)
    Also mobile gaming is never going to win because the games on your phone are so disposable that they will never hold ur attention more than a round of tetris would.

  • marhorn

    HA! 3DS will do a lot better than the NGP! look at the psp, its the biggest flop ever!


    Now if Microsoft enter the portable game market……Halo reach handheld…..yes please!

  • Cribs

    What a ridiculous question. It's broken sales records all over the place and has been released in March as opposed to the November release of the 3DS. Smartphones and iPhones aren't any danger at all to the likes of the 3DS or NGP, the former are the equivalent of fast food…the latter are the equivalent of a proper meal. Android and iPhone games are as cheap as chips for a reason. As for the battery life, 3-5 hours with constant use is normal for electronic devices these days. Everyone has just been spoilt by the ridiculous battery life offered by the DS last gen.