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HTC Sense 3.0 Update: Sly Tactics by HTC, Encourages ROM Use

Earlier on, we told you about HTC’s surprising omission that their latest version of Sense UI will only be available on their newest devices, meaning that those of you with slightly older HTC handsets will not be able to enjoy the new and definitely more impressive visual enhancements to Sense.

HTC caused a storm by replying to a few messages on Twitter about which devices would be able to support Sense 3.0 or not: Here is what they said when a user asked if the UI update was coming to the far from old HTC Desire HD:

”Unfortunately not, as the newest iteration of Sense requires specific hardware that our older phones just don’t have. Sorry!”

They later elaborated on this further on Twitter, by saying that only newer devices such as the HTC Sensation 4G, EVO 3D and Flyer Tablet (EVO View 4G) would be able to support the new visual enhancements.

However, perhaps put under pressure by figures higher up in the HTC office, they later clarified the situation by adding the following Tweet which you should know about:

‘Clarification: aspects of the latest HTC Sense won’t work on some previous devices. We are working to incorporate other aspects that will”

So they have basically taken a step back to say that they are still trying to get some parts of Sense 3.0 working on older devices. But make no mistake about it, they clearly said above that older devices do not have the hardware for the full upgrade – which is probably very frustrating for those of you who have just purchased devices such as the HTC Desire HD and HTC Incredible S.

As an HTC owner of an ‘older’ device, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think these are pretty sly tactics by the company? Dare we say it, but the move might also encourage users to seek the HTC Sense 3.0 update via other methods – you all know what we’re talking about here. Hopefully it won’t come to that though and HTC will keep everyone happy.



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