GTA 5 Release Date: Could be January 2012

By Gary Johnson - Apr 15, 2011

Previously we have had rumors that the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series could be coming out sometime this year. But today we have news that the GTA 5 release date could be January 2012, according to some reports coming out today.

An article by Tom Ivan over at Computerandvideogames is reporting that a German retailer called GameStop, has a listing for Grand theft Auto 5 which suggests the release date will be January 15 2012. This could mean that at the E3 Expo in June, Rockstar games could finally reveal the next installment of the franchise.

Last year there was some job ads posted which seemed to be for the game, and some people have suggested the title is well down the road in terms of development. Analyst Michael Pachter commented last year that the GTA 5 should be released by the final quarter of 2012 at the very latest.

Some of Rockstar’s most important people to do with the development of the game are out of contract during January 2012. Many fans would like to hear an official date for the game, but won’t be too pleased if they do have to wait until 2012 before the game hits the stores.

Will you be hoping that GTA 5 comes out before 2012?

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  • Jsnboatman

    yes come out th3 8

  • TREY

    MAN COME ON LET GTA5 BE OUT 12/31/2011/12O’CLOCK

  • Mr.Peanut

    Actually it could come out in January because I did not realise that San Andreas came out in January but it still seems like Rockstar is hinting that it will release May 24 unless they are hinting that it will come out between January 5-24 it could be nothing preferably it will come out in January.

  • Mr.Peanut

    I read a another article that sugests it comes out May 24 which it would definatly be 2012 because they wouldnt release a trailer more than a year before it comes out becuase it would lose hype and if it is ready by January they probably wouldnt release it because people spend a lot on christmas so my guesse it that it might come out mid December for christmas or it will be May because Rockstar does seem to like lleaving little hints like in their trailer my because in GTA 4 they mention Califonia and LA quite a bit on LCHC radio and probably other stations.

  • The Kinected Gamer

    Okay first off, GameStop is not a german retailer, I'm sure they have a german version of the store. Second, the job ads were just a couple of months ago, you act like it was a whole year away, but good info otherwise.