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DropBy 1.0: Call into friends when you are in the neighborhood

The DropBy 1.0 application is a way to help you remember to call into friends when you are in the neighborhood. You can plan your route when doing your rounds with the DropBy app compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Just passing by and thought you should go and see that old friend of yours. Searching your contacts to find the exact location. Using a pin that you tap there’s no need for scanning through all those names, with DropBy all your contacts from that location will be identified by a pin on a map.

The ease of zooming in to refine your search with a compass icon can make this a user friendly app. A re-load function helps extensive searches with a tap to certain areas using a zoom and pan map. If you know their house number but forgot their name, DropBy is able to show you all your contacts from that location with a pin.

The DropBy 1.0 can be the helpful guide for those who miss out on the old friendly visits. Forget to see that old friend or relative when frequenting an area. Maybe this is ideal if you find your keeping an address book with details of that place you used to go. For more information visit the App Store.



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