White iPhone 4 back on track for April Release Date

By Alan Ng - Apr 14, 2011

What do we have here, yet more White iPhone 4 release rumors? On first glance you may think yes, but then again you may want to take particular interest in this latest one, since fresh release rumors have surfaced from a usually trustyworthy source.

That source is none other than Bloomberg, who are now reporting that the White iPhone 4 is back on schedule for a long awaited release later on this month. According to their report, they have cited information from three people who are ‘familiar’ with Apple’s plans.

The report adds that Apple will make the White iPhone 4 available at the end of April, both on AT&T and also Verizon Wireless – which is sure to delight both customer bases.

We agree that it does now look likely that the White iPhone 4 is finally ready for release. Don’t forget that it was only a few weeks ago that Apple’s Phil Schiller himself tweeted that the White iPhone 4 would be available this Spring.

But the question is though – will you still buy it, or has Apple blown their chances with delay after delay. It’s no secret that the White iPhone 4 is one sexy device, but we have a feeling that demand isn’t going to be as high as say a few months ago. Let us know if you are still planning to get one providing it comes out this month.

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  • Mike

    After waiting 10 months already, shouldn't I wait for the iPhone 5, instead of locking myself into a 2 year commitment now and being unhappy for 22 more months???

  • Symon

    If they bring the white iPhone 4. Then I guess there Will be no iPhone 5 release???

  • Etak

    I hope so…