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Virtual Flying Game for iPhone: Paper Glider 2.0

An application which allows you to fly your own virtual paper plane has just been updated and is called Paper Glider 2.0, the virtual flying game for the iPhone. This top flying game has made a big noise with downloads stretching to more than four and a half million worldwide. This app is available to owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, although the iPad has not gained access to the new super boost game mode.

Paper Glider 2.0 gets you swiping, tapping and flicking in this addictive flying fun app. Just by tapping away you can power charge your glider to fly to a global destination. Try not to let the ground come up too quick though, as the tap to boost function needs to be used sparingly and you only have a certain amount at your disposal.

Customizing your airborne flyer is easy with available flag planes for Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and the States. Have fun in army, pink heart and flame glider styles, remember collecting coins will earn your paper glider more boosts to take you that bit further. With super boost modes you can use rocket boost to accelerate, emergency boost can be life saver when the only way is down, and mega boost to rocket into outer space.

This addictive game will have you flying for hours to countless destinations. For more info you can watch the video below and also visit the iTunes Store.



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