Rumors grow of new Nintendo Wii at E3

By Gary Johnson - Apr 14, 2011

We told you yesterday that the Nintendo Wii could be getting a price cut next month, and wondered if this meant that Nintendo were getting ready for the announcement of a new console. Now we can report that rumors of a new Nintendo Wii being announced at this year’s E3 are growing.

Matthew Kato from Game Informer is reporting that multiple sources are hinting that Nintendo will reveal the new Wii at this year’s E3, or even sooner. The sources are claiming that the new system will be capable of running HD games. They have been getting conflicting stories on whether the graphics will be on par with the PS3 and Xbox 360.

If the console does have HD compatibility it will help Nintendo’s relationship with third-party publishers and developers. There are also claims that Nintendo are already showing the new system to publishers to give them time to start work on titles. The new Wii is also claimed to be launching late in 2012, and it could be a completely new concept.

These are only rumors but sales of the Wii are falling now due to increased competition with motion controllers. The time has probably come for Nintendo to bring us a new console, and they are not likely to disappoint.

Is it time for a new console from Nintendo?

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  • Ozzphreak

    years of misery? nintendo needs to bring back a revamped NES will every game. i guarantee these pissy young kids who think they're badass would cry to their mommies after pulling their hair out trying to beat megaman 1 or a game like the original Strider. new games are just flashy. not hard like they used to be.

  • Sam

    Good of bad graphics, motion sensor controller or piss sensor, what does it changes? Games on nintendo sucks. Aren't nintendo tired of playing zelda 700, mario 200020202020022020 and metroid 530? Hardcore gamers are now with xbox or PS3 (those with money or still living in their parents basement have a super duper PC). So I don't care what crap they're gonna think of next. I hope it's gonna be a game cube 2.0 send them back to those years of misery.

    • link9123

      i much prefer playing zelda 700 to playing some generic shooter online with some idiot shouting prejudices through a headset.