Most Stolen Cars 2010 List: Were you a Victim?

We have some interesting details for auto lovers now, as the Highway Loss Data Institute has just completed their most stolen cars 2010 list for last year. If you regularly keep a check on this each year, the car which is the most stolen will not be a surprise to you.

For everyone else, we can reveal that the most stolen car in 2010 is none other than the Cadillac Escalade. In fact, this motor has been top of the list since 2002 if you can believe that.

According to a top ten list over at LATimes, 10.8 of every 1,000 Cadillac Escalades are either stolen, broken into, or even stripped of parts. But why has this car in particular become the most favorite for thieves for almost a decade? If you own one of these models – do you have an easy insight into this?

Second on the list is the similar in appearance Chevrolet Silverado, as 8 cars of every 1,000 are stolen according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. This model is again very popular with consumers, but even more popular for criminals it seems.

Did you have a car that was stolen during last year? Check out the full list over at LA Times and let us know if your car is on the list.


  • rick

    So they're stealing the ugliest car on the road, good for them.


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