HTC Desire: Android Gingerbread update coming mid May

By Gary Johnson - Apr 14, 2011

We reported back in February that owners of the HTC Desire will eventually be getting the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for their handsets. This news was from HTC, but today we have news that the Android Gingerbread update could come by mid-May.

Richard Goodwin from Know Your Mobile is reporting in an article that, UK carrier Three Mobile has said the update will begin arriving for its Desire owners in mid-May. The handset might have been out quite a while now, but it is still a worthy handset. With the update installed it will improve the handset further.

Many owners still enjoy using their Desire and will be pleased to hear of the upcoming software update. The network confirmed the news via its Twitter feed, and should mean other networks will also be pushing out the update soon as well.

Android Gingerbread will mainly speed up the device, and improve power consumption. You will also find a few UI enhancements like the Downloads application. This will allow users to view all of their most recent downloads.

The Desire will benefit greatly from the Android update, especially with battery life which many owners complained about when the handset was first released. Unfortunately there is no news on when the rest of the Desire range will start receiving Android Gingerbread.

Are you looking forward to get Android Gingerbread on your Desire?

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  • fc360

    I wish they would hurry up with the update, my contract runs out in a few months and I won't be keeping this phone as there are some stuff that I do not like about it, like low storage and battery, having the battery run out while in the middle of a strange city is not a nice experience. I would like to have the ability to play around with 2.3 before my contract ends.

  • Colin

    I has a spanish Desire too, on Orange. I was also wondering about the new sense update…Anyone know anything?

  • Juan

    I heard that the update will bring the new Sense UI. Is it true? I have a spanish Desire so I'll be happy just to know that by the summer I'll get the update.

  • Franco

    Yes I absolutely am!!!