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Guitar Hero could be back next year

Guitar Hero has been a hugely popular franchise for Activision since it was first released 2005. It has gone through a quieter time with some of the later releases, and it was thought the franchise had ended. But in true rock ‘n’ roll tradition; Guitar Hero will be back sometime.

Chris Smith from TechRadar is reporting that even though Activision called time on the franchise at the beginning of this year, Guitar Hero could be back next year. Dan Winters President of Activision has said the Guitar Hero was just on a ‘hiatus’, and could even be returning as early as next year.

He was talking to gaming industry publication, and said the franchise will defiantly be back and added “we’re not ending it”. This is after the company told the world back in February they were ending the franchise due to falling sales of the game.

This will probably be a good idea by Activision as the franchise was once successful and will still have many fans loyal to the game. If it has a break for a while when a new title does eventually come out it could see many fans ready for an update. There is also the chance that people who have yet to play the game having a look as well.

Would you like to see another Guitar Hero title coming out next year?


  • brendan

    MUSE guitar hero please 🙂

  • justsomewalker

    the reason i didnt buy the last giuter hero was bc all the other ones were still fun 2 not going 2 pay another 60 for the same thing i can get on the ones that i own


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