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BlackBerry Playbook Review: Power Button Biggest Problem

With the official release date for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet less than a week away, the reviews are already starting to trickle out online. One review we’ve read has praised the device overall, but the biggest problem they had with it was with the hardware power button strangely enough.

That review comes from Engadget, who have just completed their review, scoring it a respectable 7/10. On the good side of things, there doesn’t appear to be any major problems with the device, but perhaps more worrying, their biggest complaint was with the hardware power button.

According to them, the power button located in the center at the top of the device is really small, and is an unnecessary hassle when using regularly. They state that it requires fingernails to toggle it on and off, which can obviously become very frustrating overtime since it will become the most used hardware button on the device.

We’ve included a video below which shows you exactly just how small this power button is. This issue shouldn’t stop you from buying the device since Engadget state overall that the hardware is ‘phenomenal’, but for those of you who seek perfection, it could turn out to be a major annoyance for you. Check out the video below and the full review over at Engadget, and then let us know your thoughts on this.

Would a poor hardware power button put you off from buying the Blackberry Playbook or not?


  • Kelly

    The guy who is showing the screen of has really nice hands!


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